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  • Rivenya of Mossflower

    High on the peaks of the Northern mountains sat a sanctuary to all in need of it's aid. It was a stone castle made out of the granite chunks on the mountain and no one had lived in it for countless seasons. The lone wandering mouse looked up at it through eyes like a tropical sea. He sat his stick against the rotted oak door and walked in gazing round at the carvings and ruined paint job inside. The place had a splendid ruin about it, the once rich colors were faded and moss-covered, the walls overgrown with ivy, were slick and dark. The mouse walked ever onwards until he reached a large banqueting hall and seated in the moth-eaten chair was an otter. He wore armor and carried a sharp blade, the otter's eyes were piercingly dark and a scar…

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  • Rivenya of Mossflower

    The tale that is about to be recalled is a true story. It is the story of epic proportions and would require a season to get through it all. But I don't care, and the Dibbuns at Redwall Abbey consider it a great treat. Would you like to come and listen my friend? I'm sure our Abbot would be delighted to see you. Come sit by the fire and learn of a legend. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    Rivenya Briny

    They say that all is bad up in the cold coasts of the North. They say that all manner of vermin live up there and the farther north you get, the nastier things become. This simply wasn't the opinion of one lone mousemaid sitting on the sandy beach. Her dark eyes looked out to the sea, or the briny as her father used to call it. She had yellow and da…

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  • Rivenya of Mossflower

    Sunshine blessed the safe and warm haven of Mossflower Woods. The golden rays poured down like heavenly light on anybeast that welcomed its life-giving rays. Walking down the dusty trail was a lovely fine-featured vixen, a small pretty mousemaid, a small, willowy ottermaid, and a very garrulous hare. Rosecoat Deathbrush or just Rosabrush as she preferred her new goodbeast name rather than her vermin name, looked at her unlikely comrades. The mousemaid, Emma looked up at her vermin friend.

    “Miss Rosabrush, where is this Redwall Abbey? Is it far?” She asked trying to keep step with her friend. The beautiful vixen sighed softly.

    “I don’t know, my little one. I don’t know.” The female otter, who was named Gem, was ever the optimistic.

    “Oh don’t y…

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