• Robinfeather

    (This is my first essay and it's in progress, so please be patient.)

    If you went for a walk in the woods and ran across Redwall Abbey, how big would it be? Would it be too small for a human to fit inside? Would it be the size of a doll's house? Could you sit down in the Great Hall and enjoy a feast alongside the mice and moles?

    Let's look at the size of Redwall inhabitants and compare them to a building.

    With the possible exception of wildcats, badgers are the biggest species commonly seen around Redwall. The smallest intelligent (not insects) residents of Redwall would be shrews, which are a bit smaller than mice.

    European badgers (according to Wikipedia) are about 70 cm long (about 27 inches), not counting the tail. They weigh about 10 …

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