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    The Black Robes

    November 20, 2010 by Ronnie Macleaf

    This fan-fiction is finished! It will be deleted and give room for a new version!

    On behalf of Svarlth the Ruthless, the infamous order Black Robes arrives at Mossflower woods on their main mission, to kill the evil champion of Redwall but the leader, Jango de Lay, becomes suspicious when the description does not match what Svarlth had told them. When it's against their rules to kill a good beast and discovers that Svarlth is the bad beast, the Black Robes declare peace with the redwallers to jointly defeat Svarlth and destroy his castle in the mountains to the north.


    It was night and the forest was silent. A squirrel sat on a branch and hummed a tune while he studied the path below.

    come on, take your bow and shoot.

    It's the feeling, …

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    Freedom Pirates

    November 12, 2010 by Ronnie Macleaf

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    From the sea he came, Molko and his crew of sea raiders, bound to plunder and destroy. But they are not alone. From the sea too came the unknown ship, Queen of the waves, and her crew of freedom pirates seeking new shores. Their captain, Jack Longtail hunting Molko for vengeance. Then when Molko kidnap two maids from Redwall, Jack and his crew join the pursuit along with three brave comrades from Redwall to defeat Molko once and for all and save the hostages.

    The sea was calm and silent. No wind whipped up the waves and no birds in the sky when the Blood Deep sailed on the sea. The cursed ship was a big flagship with incredible five mast and with a crew…

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    Summary: A quest for vengeance, the young squirrel Ronnie Macleaf set off on a journey that leads him to Mossflower Woods. After travelled with deadly wounds after the ambush on his family and the massacre, Ronnie finally collapse outside the gates of Redwall Abbey. The Abbybeasts take care of him and he lost his heart for a pretty young squirrelmaid at the same age and then when a evil hord of rats laying besiege at Redwall, Ronnie take on the fight to defend the one he love.

    The rain poured down on Ronnie as he ran through the forest landscape. It was dark and the sig…

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