• Rontu the warrior

    Skipper Ruari

    November 28, 2011 by Rontu the warrior

    Skipper Ruari

    The world was an endless canvas of blue with the cloudless sky intertwining with deep majestic blue of the warm ocean water. Skipper Ruari watched his otter crew from his position as steer’s beast of his vessel The Salty Dog. Yawning loudly ruari spied Fergal the stout otter cook burst from his galley rubbing his eyes vigorously “confounded bairn tossing around hotroot like a festive frog”. Ruari chuckled to himself before hailing Fergal “Ahoy! Me ol barrel bottomed beauty how’s them vittles a coming along” fergal smoothed out his apron and rubbed a paw over his eyes before replying. “Oh, mate they be coming along just fine if in that young rip bairn would stop trying to slay me with ingredients”. Bairn popped his head o…

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