• Rorzan the Black
    Long ago far North there was a colony of otters, among them there was a young otter different from the rest. He had piercing emerald green eyes. That young otter was called Zephyr Whirlwind. One night he was sleeping in his tent with his three brothers and 4 sisters. He was the last of the eight pups and oft jus caled Z. That night he dreamed of a mouse with a magnificent sword on the pommel was a brilliant red jewel, The blade was sparp as a needle. the mouse spoke these exact words;
    "Travel South until you reach Redwall Abbey, find the one with the never ending appetite on the way, Stop the evil and save the Abbey."
    Zephyr had heard the amazing tales of Redwall and Martin the Warrior he had always dreamed of visiting the Abbey it would be …
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