• Ruega Uchiblade

    The epic warrior saves the day, the less athletic swoon and sway,

    When will come the day where brains and thought can show the way?

    The old mouse looked up from the parchment and put his inkstick to his mouth. He thought about the friends, stories, and wars that made up the bigger tale.

    He put ink to paper and wrote Not today.

    The lone otter crossed the snowy ground. She loped about on all fours. She had a dark green headband and two spears crossed in an "X" strapped to her back. Her paws were numb, and as she thought about stopping for the evening, the sounds of the old forest made her sleepyness drift away.

    "Somebeast...could be there." Pushing herself onto her hind paws, she wobbled unsteadily as she scoped out a place to hide. A dark tree w…

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