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April 19, 2009
  • Ruth The Fighter
    In the northern part of Mossflower Woods a group of male vermin,foxes,rats,ferrets,stoats alike were around a fire. Acting like there was no morrow,the fought and laughed at each other. Until a young squirrelmaid wondered in the camp;she didn't see the vermin,she sat and started going through her sack of food. She looked up and made a gasp.
    The biggest,a male stoat,had his Sabre at her throat."Please,I meant no harm!"the squirrel sobbed.
    "Aww,a pretty little squirrel! Hey Grayfur,want something to kill?"the stoat asked to a fox. Sobbing even more,the squirrelmaid started to scream as the fox tackled her. Still screaming,the maid had no hope,until another squirrelmaid came from the bushes and tackled Grayfur to the ground;the maid ran. The gr…
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