Chapter 1

In the northern part of Mossflower Woods a group of male vermin,foxes,rats,ferrets,stoats alike were around a fire. Acting like there was no morrow,the fought and laughed at each other. Until a young squirrelmaid wondered in the camp;she didn't see the vermin,she sat and started going through her sack of food. She looked up and made a gasp.
The biggest,a male stoat,had his Sabre at her throat."Please,I meant no harm!"the squirrel sobbed.
"Aww,a pretty little squirrel! Hey Grayfur,want something to kill?"the stoat asked to a fox. Sobbing even more,the squirrelmaid started to scream as the fox tackled her. Still screaming,the maid had no hope,until another squirrelmaid came from the bushes and tackled Grayfur to the ground;the maid ran. The group watched as the fighting squirrel toke out a Cutlass and started hacking the fox repeatedly. Blood sprayed as she hacked his chest.
Looking at the rest of the crew she yelled."Who wants to look like this fool here,eh!!!"she screamed like a bloodwrathed badger,also pointing to what was Grayfur. She was screamed to nothing,the crew had ran!
Coming out the bushes,the other squirrelmaid greeted her saver."Thank you...Ms....Ms.?"
"Ruth! Ruth The Fighter."the fighting squirrelmaid said.
Smiling,the squirrel started to follow Ruth."Well thank you Ruth The Fighter! I'm Ella. You really went bloodwrath on those vermin!"she continued to follow and annoy Ruth.
"Yeah,I can control my bloodwrath. It's a power that you have to control. By any chance,do you want to came to Redwall Abbey with me?"Ruth asked.
"Boy would I!"Ella climbed on Ruth's back and the two headed to Redwall.

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