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    The Final Dream

    July 16, 2012 by Saki0112

    Chapter 1

    What if Felldoh didn’t die? This is my outlook on things.

    The sounds of battle faded slowly as blood oozed from the wound the spear had brought. Looking down Felldoh could see the end producing from him and the crimson liquid spilling from around it. “Felldoh!!” He could hear his name being called out as the darkness slowly smothered his vision. “Sorry Martin” whispered Felldoh as he fell to the ground.

    It was almost silent when Felldoh awoke. Only the sound of mad laughter from the pit was heard vibrating thought the fortress once called Marshank. The air was stale and reeked of blood and death. Blood covered his body and flesh wounds everywhere. He looked around and winced as he looked to his stab wound. It missed from killing him…

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