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June 5, 2010
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    ‘’Why?” Asked a young hare named Jerem. The captain was flabbergasted; no beast ever to set paw in his ship had ever questioned his judgments. And this question put him in a position where he had to make up a reason, but soon he found he had no reason. So he waited and thought for a very long time. He couldn’t tell them he had a feeling from a dream and they needed to give up good hot scoff at the queen’s palace for a dream feeling. They would pester him about it for the rest of his life. So he did what anybody would have done, he told them ‘’Jolly great! That was a test and now I know if say we were chasing after a vermin ship that we could sit here debating whether or not to listen to me, the Captain, and my orders. Now the v…

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  • Salamandastron boy

    Chapter 2: VerminKiller

    "Dinner is ready, you mangy swabs. Though I don’t think you deserve it, Wot wot." The crew of hares aboard The Verminkiller shipped oars fast and ran to meet the brown-furred and aggravated(for no specific reason) cook for their fifth meal of the far.

    Captain Sapwood was the great great grandson of Sergeant Sapwood of Salamandastron. But captain did not know that. All he knew was his name and that he was found wandering the shore of the south land’s by a group of voles and their large family. Then one day when he was about fourteen seasons old he set out on a quest to find his true family where he met a group of hares and a few hedgehogs whose mission was to rid the shores of vermin. Captivated by them and…

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    The figure looked lonely, sitting with no one around. In fact, if one didn't know his story they might even feel sorry for him. Gortad was a northern cat coming from very deep in the northlands.
    He had black fur that blended in with the night and eyes that could easily put even mad Emperor Ublaz to shame. He also had wit that could lick Russano the wise badger lord of Salamandastron. But it was his brawn that put him in charge, For he possessed the swordsmanship of Bukler Kordyne and the strength of any three creatures and he could poison them all. At present, he was sitting with his back to a boulder. He had just had his hoard of pine martins,weasels,cats, and foxes move with a pulley and lever. They accomplished this by throwing the rope…

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    June 6, 2010 by Salamandastron boy

    The sable queen was a great book because I laughed the whole way and the plot was so well developed. Unfortunately the plot is so well developed it dragged you along painfully awaiting the bumblers to solve the puzzle and it was a little obvious.....buuutttt the humor saved it and now I will dive into the plot

    Bukler, a salamandastron sword master, speaks unlike other hares (without an accent)and he has. . . manners which make him stand out among the hares. But he has courage, somthing every hare has. Wwhen his father died he left his sword and blademaster medal to buklers brother, who has no skills with a sword but being the eldest they're his by right. Lord(spoilers)the current badger lord tells bukler(spoilers) also to visit his broth…

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