The figure looked lonely, sitting with no one around. In fact, if one didn't know his story they might even feel sorry for him. Gortad was a northern cat coming from very deep in the northlands.
He had black fur that blended in with the night and eyes that could easily put even mad Emperor Ublaz to shame. He also had wit that could lick Russano the wise badger lord of Salamandastron. But it was his brawn that put him in charge, For he possessed the swordsmanship of Bukler Kordyne and the strength of any three creatures and he could poison them all. At present, he was sitting with his back to a boulder. He had just had his hoard of pine martins,weasels,cats, and foxes move with a pulley and lever. They accomplished this by throwing the rope over a tree limb and pulling the small boulder out of the way and into a small shady spot. Gortad called to his Pine Martin aid in his strong, thick accent: "o'y you shift yoor fa'it and git o'er 'ere quik as oo loike noaw moy pretty." The pine martin obeyed quickly yet cautiously, knowing her master was in another unpredictable bad mood. As she neared him, her voice shook."y...yyess aa..aste....r." "Ahhh shut yore gob and attend me. I would like you to tell Kasshik we are moving out. Nnnnoooowwwwwww!!!!!Not needing to be told twice, the Pine Marten ran, shot like an arrow from a bow. The cat sat back, satisfied, he knew he had a way with these weaker minded creatures. They were aware he had a mind as sharp as a fox and was as dangerous as an adder coiled and ready to strike. Now he felt was his time to strike. There was talk of mutiny and this group of foxes needed to be disposed of before they could persuade any more in his ranks. The only way to do that front of everyone. "Ahahah Argh" Gortad gave a dry chuckle as he thought of this. First to go would be the traitorous leader Kasshik. Kasshik took his time getting there. It was possible he knew what was in store for him. It did not mess with his plans one bit, it would be better, in fact - that way the suspense would have time to build up. It was a few more minutes before he arrived before him. When he got there he stared at Gortad for a moment and the wildcat met his gaze. But Kasshik soon lost that first intimidation. Gortad laughed. Getting up, he patted kasshik on the back and gave him a drink. Not knowing the wildcats poisonous reputation, Kasshik accepted...

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