‘’Why?” Asked a young hare named Jerem. The captain was flabbergasted; no beast ever to set paw in his ship had ever questioned his judgments. And this question put him in a position where he had to make up a reason, but soon he found he had no reason. So he waited and thought for a very long time. He couldn’t tell them he had a feeling from a dream and they needed to give up good hot scoff at the queen’s palace for a dream feeling. They would pester him about it for the rest of his life. So he did what anybody would have done, he told them ‘’Jolly great! That was a test and now I know if say we were chasing after a vermin ship that we could sit here debating whether or not to listen to me, the Captain, and my orders. Now the vermin could be inside some village burning a destroying.

The crew seemed to shake off this remark because as long as they were fed they were happy. Later the boat ran aground and the young hare Jerem beached her with a thick reliable red rope. From the beach he stood and looked at the boat. Its dark green rails with flecks of gold and nice brown hull formed out of beach and Alder. On the hull it had columns upon columns of badger script; on the mast was a furled purple sail. The boat was originally a birthday gift to the queen and made by her brother Filgo the Forger (called that because of all the time he spent in his forge creating the best armor made by any paw). The boat was given to Captain Sapwood by the Queen as a symbol of their friendship.

Jerem's reverie was interrupted by a pretty hogmaid named Verddy tapping him on the shoulder. He jumped back to life with shudder and a shrug. ’’Whew almost lost me bally self there, eh wot.’’ She agreed, "Yep happens to me, too.’’ When they reached the woodland edge the magnificent castle was in plain view. It had five towers, one of which hoisted beautiful gold twin bells. Around the fort were four perimeter walls of red sandstone. On the wall tops you could make out the figures of two badger sentries hoisting two heavy sets of amour and long spear. Each of the sentries carried the traditional shield with a picture depicting a badger in a breastplate standing over a beheaded serpent, with his sword held high to the skies. Proud of its victory.

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