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The sable queen was a great book because I laughed the whole way and the plot was so well developed. Unfortunately the plot is so well developed it dragged you along painfully awaiting the bumblers to solve the puzzle and it was a little obvious.....buuutttt the humor saved it and now I will dive into the plot

Bukler, a salamandastron sword master, speaks unlike other hares (without an accent)and he has. . . manners which make him stand out among the hares. But he has courage, somthing every hare has. Wwhen his father died he left his sword and blademaster medal to buklers brother, who has no skills with a sword but being the eldest they're his by right. Lord(spoilers)the current badger lord tells bukler(spoilers) also to visit his brother so bukler and his friend diggs head out to buklers brother's farmhouse. Meanwhile in Redwall Abbey abbey babes are going missing. By the time they figure it out, the babes are trapped in dark walls with other babes from everywhere in mossflower. Also buklers brother is dead and his brother's sword and medal are gone. His brother's wife tells of how the sable stole their children calla and urfa so now bukler elists redwalls help and sets out for adventure and in the children's cells there is talk of escape.

thats the sable queen reeeaaaaadddd iiiiittttt!!!!! -- Sam Pepper 16:30, June 6, 2010 (UTC)salamandastron boy

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