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  • I live in St. Ninian's Church, northwestern Mossflower
  • I was born on November 16
  • My occupation is stage actress, Fanfiction writer
  • I am female
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    Character contest

    April 17, 2013 by SalemtheCruel

    Well, as I'm unfortunately sparse on character ideas at the moment; I'm starting a contest for my upcoming fanfiction, which is sadly as yet untitled. It takes place about 41 years/seasons after the Rogue Crew.

    As far as rules are concerned:

    You may only enter one character per person.

    3-4 winners will be accepted, though this'll depend on how many people enter.

    No Mary Sues

    And that's about it. The deadline is May 27th; so I hope to hear from you all soon, post your characters in the comments! :)

    Also: I'm not ripping off Biklay Fierlan's contest of a similar nature, far from it. In actuality he's quite inspired me! XD XD

    UPDATE: 6/4/13

    Agh, I am SO sorry I forgot to update this, but the contest has now closed, and the winning characters are: Bar…

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  • SalemtheCruel

    Well, here's what everyone's been waiting for: Part 2 of my essay! :) before I go any further, I'd just like to thank everyone for all the positive feedback. Always nice to hear. Anyway, where was I? Oh! The essay!!!

    This is a section of my essay I want to put special emphasis on; as this is pivotal when writing fanfictions or just writing in general. Now, in Brian Jacques' original Redwall series; villains tended to have simple goals to drive their ill-matched visions of power and ambition, and villain backgrounds and personal information tended to be fairly rare. When writing your fanfiction this does not have to be the case.

    When writing your fanfiction, it would help if you made your characters' goals especially personal; even the villa…

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  • SalemtheCruel

    All right, I've been virtually inactive here recently due to the wiki's general activity, but I thought I'd put something up for any future new users to look at, and it's certainly been far too long since I've done an essay here (The last one I posted was in the fall of 2011! Nearly 2 years ago!)

    Not sure if I'm going to add more; though the first section is going to be about villains, so without further ado let's begin.

    I've noticed that quite a lot of users here seem to have pine martens as their story's main villain; which is ironic given that Brian Jacques (may he rest in peace) only ever used three over the course of the series. That being said, we don't really have a clear idea of what creatures of this species are typically like (Sinc…

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  • SalemtheCruel

    Hello. As of 3/18/12 I have put my story, Sisters but they aren't on indefinite hold because of aggravating discrepancies. I have since decided to adopt this story; the Curse of the Bloody Waves and continue it as my own. (Not sure if anyone on here now remembers this story; I only recently discovered it myself) It was first written by: Thaila Juskarath Taggerung Well; I hope everyone likes the continued version of the Curse of the Bloody waves, even if you've never read it. :)


    A otter and his younger sister sat chained on a ship deck owned by vermin. Both were beaten, starved , and treated like nothing. The female sat a sleep of fatigue. But the male sat watching the vermin rats and stoats party like no tomorrow. A rat appr…

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  • SalemtheCruel

    Grey Gardens

    December 12, 2011 by SalemtheCruel

    Hello, this is a collab story written by Wolf985 and I. She writes some, I write some :) NOTE: Please refrain from reading if you HAVEN'T read a Little Night Music!

    PS: I'm aware I made some mistakes early on in ALNM; but have recently corrected all the ones I could find (but there may be more) In this story, my errors will not happen again, and everything relating to it will be as clear and as original as I can make it. Thank you.

    It was a quiet, somber day for an estate sale but there was an estate sale going on anyway under the murky gray skies of Malkariss. Various oil portraits, swords and longbows were propped against a magnificently-carved oaken table, as well as a blue family crest depicting a black crow with spread wings above a gol…

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