Well, as I'm unfortunately sparse on character ideas at the moment; I'm starting a contest for my upcoming fanfiction, which is sadly as yet untitled. It takes place about 41 years/seasons after the Rogue Crew.

As far as rules are concerned:

You may only enter one character per person.

3-4 winners will be accepted, though this'll depend on how many people enter.

No Mary Sues

And that's about it. The deadline is May 27th; so I hope to hear from you all soon, post your characters in the comments! :)

Also: I'm not ripping off Biklay Fierlan's contest of a similar nature, far from it. In actuality he's quite inspired me! XD XD

UPDATE: 6/4/13

Agh, I am SO sorry I forgot to update this, but the contest has now closed, and the winning characters are: Barkle Longtuft, Queen Ursula, and Tann O' Flander. Thanks a million to everyone who was kind enough to enter! :)

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