• Sam Shellhound

    A large ship was bobbing slowly on the water of the seas. It was crewed by cats, feral cats mostly. They worked about the deck, talking in low voices. There was barely a breath of wind in the sky, their leader would not be happy about that. One group of cats stood on the starboard side of the ship. One of them, a cat by the name of Rathi, was complaining.

    "Bah, I don't know why were stuck on this stupid voyage. A army of expert fighters like us, stuck on this blasted boat!", he grumbled.

    The cat beside him held a paw to his lips. "Shh! If our leader hears you saying things like that, he'll say its mutiny!"

    However, the cat continued. "Whats the difference? Our "mighty leader" is snoring the day away in his bunk! Meanwhile, we've been out her…

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  • Sam Shellhound

    This is my first essay and blog post so constructive criticism would be appreciated.

    Has anyone else noticed that in High Ruhlain, Leatho Shellhound is quite a bit like Robin Hood? Lets look at the evidence.

    Point one: Both are masters of their chosen weapons.

    Robin: Bow

    Leatho: Sling.

    Point two: Both claim to fight for the oppressed.

    Robin: The peasants/poor.

    Leatho: The otter slaves.

    Point three: Both have large groups at their command.

    Robin: His merry men.

    Leatho: The otter clans

    Point four: Both are presented as cheerful and kind, but will hesitate to fight.

    Point five: Both have a constant companion named for his size.

    Robin: Little John. (Before I get yelled at, his name was John little. They called him

    Little John as a joke. Thus, because of his…

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