• Samantha The Coneslinger
    A squirrel woke up under a tree in Mossflower. Around her, dead bodies of squirrels laid in pools of blood, even she laid in one.
    Who am I? Who are these squirrels? Oh, the pain! That was all she thought about. Slowly she started to black out again. A huge slash on her arm gushed out blood. She noticed the necklace she was wearing. She read what it had written on it:
    Sam Coneslinger
    "!"all had went black for Sam Coneslinger.

    "Ma'rm, are ya alright? 'ello?"Sam awoke looking into the face of a otter. She let out a scream.
    "Aaaahhh, get away!"
    "Whoa there ya tree mouse! Ya gonna be okay, me ain't gonna hurt. The fact ya are already beat up."
    "Who..who are you?"Sam asked, still stunned.
    "I'm Skipper Waterweed. That pretty'un is…

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