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aka Sandy

  • I live in Mossflower Woods
  • I was born on July 28
  • My occupation is Being a Wildcat
  • I am Female
  • Sandingomm the Wildcat

    Disclaimer: This is an opinion analysis on the character of Groddil, the fox magician in Ungatt Trunn's Blue Hordes. Feel free to write a rebuttal if you disagree with me.

    First, I'll attempt to fill in the gaps in his backstory. We are told that Trunn killed a family of foxes except for one who he crippled and brought alive. It is implied that the wildcat only spared Groddil because of his abilities as a magician. Although we don't know the backstory, it is likely the wildcat was either looking for recruits for the Blue Hordes or conquering the region and gave them orders to vacate. Groddil's family was killed instead of becoming part of Trunn's horde. Although we aren't told what Groddil's family was like, they refused Trunn's orders…

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  • Sandingomm the Wildcat

    Fewbeasts would have considered the red squirrel as a warrior of Redwall. The young squirrel, Oakbrush, was studying under Sister Alemma as an infirmary keeper. He was remarkably bright for one so young and a good learner. However, whenever trouble came, the squirrel was as courageous as a badger.

    Oakbrush sat by the window, stroking a bow across a small fiddle. Abbot Jedidiah came over to his side. "Come on, Oakbrush, you'll miss the summer feast! They're making your favorite raspberry and arrowroot pie!"

    The squirrel grinned. "I was just practicing for my song. I guess those Dibbuns will drag me out on the lawn if I don't come sooner!"

    The old mouse smiled. Oakbrush was popular with the Dibbuns for his good charm and character. He was never…

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  • Sandingomm the Wildcat

    As you probably know, my favorite book is Mossflower, the book where Sandingomm appears. I liked this book a lot, besides the obvious reason that I like wildcats. This book is very good and there are a lot of engaging characters.

    One way this book is different is that even though the main villian is a wildcat, Tsarmina, her own brother, Gingivere, is a good character. This doesn't happen in any of the other Redwall books. True, Veil was the son of the main villian in Outcast of Redwall, but he was a gray character.

    Gingivere's being a good wildcat could be overlooked if not for the fact that Sandingomm is also good. This means that wildcats are not a purely villian species, they can be good. However, after Julian, good wildcats do not appear…

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  • Sandingomm the Wildcat

    Young Galerush sat in a well-built otter boat. The otter paddled through the water. Water splashed all over. Galerush became rather wet, but it didn't seem to bother him. Paddling faster and faster, Galerush shouted, "Ahoy there, Rivergaaaaaaalllllleee!"

    "Galerush! What are you doing?" It was Spraydeep, the stern-faced otter warrior of the tribe of Rivergale.

    Looking rather ashamed, Galerush admitted, "Just...playing."

    "The son of Boldwave should not be playing around in boats!" Spraydeep said rather irately.

    Galerush reluctantly stepped out of the boat. Later that evening, he spoke to Boldwave and Whitegale, his mother and father.

    "Spraydeep says I shouldn't be playing in the boats."

    "Galerush, I think you'll grow up to be good at working boats…

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  • Sandingomm the Wildcat

    Sandingomm the Wildcat 01:16, January 27, 2010 (UTC)Sandingomm the Wildcat

    Sandflower the young wildcat looked out her window. Snowflakes twirled down like feathers of a great white bird. The white powder blanketed her home. Sandflower watched the snow flurries, wondering if it would keep coming until their farm house was completely covered.

    Sandflower's mother, Lady Felisa, came into the room. In her paws she carried a fresh baked loaf of bread with chopped nuts and fruit. Felisa always baked the most wonderful food. She would make scones, pies, turnovers, tarts, breads, pastries, cakes, and so many other delicious things.

    Every time Sandflower's family harvested a crop, Felisa would make her baked goods. They all sat at the table and there …

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