• Sarinissa

    Matthew the Vengeful

    June 28, 2010 by Sarinissa
    Silver moonlight shone through the thick forest. Matthew looked up and glared venomously at the pine tree he was under. Growling something inaudible, he turned around, hearing a fight.
    Two of his least favorite stoats, who happened to be on duty, were arguing about something. Just happening that it was by him, the larger one, Slimenose, stabbed Twopaw, the smaller, (and uglier) one in the stomach. Gasping, Twopaw, his paw with his dagger pointed toward Matthew, fell over and died.
    Slimenose looked shocked for a moment, then threw the body in the river that was by their camp. The current quickly carried him away downstream. Slimenose ran toward the second-in-command, a female rat self-named Adder.
    "ADDER!" He shouted. "Twopaw d…
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