Author/Artist's Note

Well since I've done several pages and have several more sketched (and people have asked me to) I've decided to make a blog for them. We'll see how far I get. Maybe I'll make a graphic novel adaption cover, cause the old 'ASC' cover is sort of outdated nowadays :P IDK.

Anyways, hope you like 'ASC's' adaption in graphic form! It'll make me draw characters I would normally draw so maybe it's good for me. XD

It's been my thought for a while now to make 'Accused' a graphic novel, and here you are. I'm not, at least at this time, using GIMP for these pages because removing such tiny areas is painstaking and it's easier to draw with my pencils. Someday when I become better at digital art I may switch over, but today is not that day. >_>

Also I won't draw any backgrounds unless I have too, because I'm still not good at them, and the areas I'm working in can get so small it'd give me writer's cramp. All the pages are labeled as to what order they go in down in the right hand corner. I hope you know your Roman Numerals, cause to be confusing I labeled them that way *hehe* also it sort of goes with the feel, y'know ;)

Tell me if you can't read my handwriting, please :)

For the written story (which is more in-depth and detailed) go here: A Spell Cast. Basically what I've done is condensed the basic plot of 'ASC', so I may leave out certain scenes and even minor characters to save myself some work. So I recommend reading the novel as well as my comic strip adaption. ;)


Accused (ASC) page 1
Accused (ASC) page 2

Chapter 1 The Stranger

Accused (ASC) page 3
Accused (ASC) page 4
Accused (ASC) page 5
Accused (ASC) page 6
Accused (ASC) page 7
Accused (ASC) page 8

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