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  • My occupation is Being a scallywag
  • Searat

    Visit of the Vermin

    June 4, 2012 by Searat

    Prologue (I am still working on the format. I allow Salem to fix it if he can.)

    == The storm's fearsome thunder seemed even louder, now that Edwin's mother was angry. He had broken her precious music box full of jewels and accessories when he was tossing his ball around the house. It had always seemed so sturdy and well built, but there was no illusion before his eyes. Here the once beautiful object lay shattered at his mom's feet. The mother hare's face was a bright red shade, her eyes covered by wrinkles as she squinted at him. She had just finished scolding her son, and now, without another word, began to tug him by the ear into his room. Once they were there, Edwin held in his tears, until he heard the door close and the fading footstep…

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