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  • Segalia

    Journey of Warriors: Sequel to Segalia Riverstorm’s Voyage

    This is a sequel to Segalia Riverstorm's Voyage, so I would advise you to read that one first. Enjoy!

    Also, while the first story bordered on PG-13 violence-wise, this one is strongly PG-13 with content warnings for torture, mind control, and forced suicide starting in Book 2. Read at your own risk.

    The setting sun burnished the rich green landscape with a dull gold. Warmth became reticent and soon smoke curled in the treetops as fires heated hearths. One particular hut was just finishing supper when the young daughter piped up.

    “Papa! Kin ye tell us the stowy ‘bout ‘ow ye ‘n Mama fell in wuv?”

    The beast in question smiled as he cleared off the hardwood table. “Wouldn’t you find the sto…

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  • Segalia

    Grath Longfletch is my all-time favorite Redwall character. She’s an archer, an otter and has a great character. Therefore, the end of Pearls of Lutra always annoyed me; she expressed interest in going to Redwall Abbey. Whatever compelled her to stay with Inbar Trueflight at Ruddaring? Hopefully, a short story-like dive into her story should answer these questions.

    Since this is largely based on and could be considered canon, I don't want to put the usual disclaimer.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Grath or any circumstances from Pearls of Lutra.

    Grath’s holt had never been completely raucous. While not exactly peaceful, they were more laidback, collectors of unusual things, not just weapons for an arsenal. Their day to day lives were peaceful, yet …

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  • Segalia

    In the middle of a cool green glen, shaded from the soft sun by dozens of trees stood a tan otter, colored leaves underpaw. The ottermaid hefted the loaded sling in her paw. The weight was nice and comfortable as it should be to somebeast whose ancestors had done this millions of times before her. She raised it above her head and swung. Spinning it several times with a soft swishing noise, she gauged carefully. She released a strap and the stone flew. With a bam, it hit the tree to the left of her target. As she reloaded her swing, she considered the hit. While she hadn’t hit the target, it wasn’t bad for somebeast who claimed no familiarity with the weapon.

    She was about to raise her sling and resume twirling when she heard a rustling in t…

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