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  • I live in Arizona
  • I was born on December 13
  • My occupation is Drawing and memes
  • I am Female
  • Selound

    The following story is a collab done by me and Riftgard Princess. The first chapter was written by me, while the second one will be written by her. Then the pattern continues. Please enjoy :)

    The warm sun glowed brightly in the blue sky. Clouds scattered across the sky. The waves of the ocean lapped over the sandy shore. There, in plain view, was the unfinished fort of Marshank.

    Marshank was a crude fort owned by the evil stoat known as Badrang the Tyrant. Slaves worked laboriously to build the Tyrant’s fort. The sounds of cracking whips and hard work filled the air. It was a place of gruesome fates.

    Along the wall, two weasels were on patrol; Fleabane, and Rotnose. They searched around their surroundings to make sure everything was as it’s s…

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  • Selound


    October 18, 2011 by Selound

    I'm hosting another contest!

    It's going to be very similar to the previous one, but with a twist; you have to draw one of my OCs with one of yours, but you can switch their:

    ■gender (if they are of opposite genders)

    ■species (if they're anthro)


    ■personality it's up to you you can use an unlimited ammount of OCs and can even add a canon character into the mix, but remember to includ ONE of yours and my OCs. The winners will be selected at random, so it'll be fair to others

    ■you can choose up an unlimited ammount of OCs from either yours or mine, depending on how much work you want to do on it.

    ■you can make them do whatever as long as it's PG and under

    ■remember my OC rules (as seen in deviantID)

    ■there is a due date, which will be the 30t…

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  • Selound


    April 23, 2011 by Selound

    On the grassy hills of Vanity, the great sun of summer glowed brightly in its royal skies of blue. The lazy buzzing of bees hummed in the vast patches of summer flowers. Birds of many flew and sang happily in the cloudless sky. The light warm summer breeze blew a vixen's cape like a seasoned warrior.

    The vixen kept her keen eyes upon a castle in a great distance. Though it looked small: it was huge up close.

    The tan vixen's torn turquoise cape blew behind her. Her bright blue eyes shone of great skill and slyness. She was on a mission for revenge.

    Behind her was a band of dirty, savage and, nasty vermin. This included a few stoats, some weasels, a couple rats, and several ferrets. They all wore ripped and stained up clothes that have seen bet…

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  • Selound

    On a warm summer's night, deep in Mossflower woods, a masked fox skipped happily down the dusty road. His dark blue, torn, and dirty cloak waved up and down with every merry skip. His dusty pink and indigo mask was sucking in and out with every cheerful breath he took. He grinned oafishly as he merrily skipped: ignoring the fact that he could fall over from happy-stroke.

    He sang in a singsong voice as he ventured on, "A fox who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!" Although; the fact that he could go for a few singing lessons, he still continued his happy tune. "Ha-ha-ho-ho-ho, I'm the smartest being alive of all: heck, I'm smarter than a potato" he giggled.

    Ever since he "magically" escaped from Malkariss's kingdom, he felt way…

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  • Selound

    Zya was outside with Meitua’s vampire bat friend Fangy. Fangy flapped his thin wings silently. “Vwhat’s vrong Zya? Zya?” he asked. Zya picked a rose off a rose bush.

    “Oh it’s just my daughter. If she keeps acting up then who knows what would happen to her” Zya sighed.

    Just then a fat teenage stoat walked towards them. “’Ello miz Zya marm! ‘Ow ya doin?!” he asked. Zya chuckled at the young one.

    “Fine. How are you doing?” she asked smiling. The stoat scratched his arm in a worried way. “Well I just got the news that a new young crossbreed arrived here” he said nervously blushing.

    Before Zya could answer Meitua and, Jake walked drunk out the door. Each with their arms around each others shoulders and, holding a cup of Poleac`o. Both where hiccupp…

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