I'm hosting another contest!

It's going to be very similar to the previous one, but with a twist; you have to draw one of my OCs with one of yours, but you can switch their:

■gender (if they are of opposite genders)

■species (if they're anthro)


■personality it's up to you you can use an unlimited ammount of OCs and can even add a canon character into the mix, but remember to includ ONE of yours and my OCs. The winners will be selected at random, so it'll be fair to others

Here's the rules:

■you can choose up an unlimited ammount of OCs from either yours or mine, depending on how much work you want to do on it.

■you can make them do whatever as long as it's PG and under

■remember my OC rules (as seen in deviantID)

■there is a due date, which will be the 30th of November

■don't rush, take your time

■no bases, use your real art skills

■I'll be giving out reminders of the contest

■you MUST choose at least one of the options given to use



here are the prize list, and art rules are in commission info

■1st: 2 full digital pictures, two tradtional pics, and two sketches

■2nd: 1 full digital picture , one tradtional pic, and a sketch

■3rd: 2 tradtional pictures and two sketches

■4th: 1 tradtional picture and two sketches

■5th: 1 tradtional pic

■everyone else who didn't land in the either places, gets three free sketches


  • Candyanglejess999
  • Acorntail
  • Toonpatrol1212
  • Platypus12
  • Kal241
  • Sweetsilentserenity
  • Ashleg4ever
  • JiNdAwG
  • Carolinethefox
  • Fireworksinice
  • Heathertrelawney
  • Ilikemice


Color Contest pic for Selound

Scotty's entry featuriing Selound, who's clothes are switched with Scotty's, and Aquastar, who's clothes are switched with Sy

Selounds Contest by Riftgard Princess

Meeka's entry ^.^ thanks, Meeks :)she switched my OC Fishie's clothes with her OC Talen's ;)

Salem and Selound for contest

Salem's entry. It's Selound and Salem switched clothes

Selound and lyna

Leafhands entry of Lyna and Selound with switched clothes

Rosalina and Roseblood

Contest entry by Squirrelmaiden of Roseblood (the fox) switched clothes with Rosalina. Thank ya ;)

DarkRose by FF

Darkrose by FF


  • 3rd place:platypus12:
  • 4rt place:fireworksinice
  • 5th:ashleg4ever
  • 6th:Mantacharlotte:


  • candyanglejess999
  • kal241
  • sweetsilentserenity:
  • JiNdAwG
  • acorntail
  • toonpatrol1212
  • carolinethefox
  • heathertrelawney
  • ilikemice:
  • beatricebadams

now remember, the winners were chosen entirely by random, so I didn't choose the winners on purpose. Just say what pics you want me to draw and the chosen art media. But the ones who'll recieve sketches, just tell me what to draw ;)

this was a really fun contest, and I'll hope to host another one in the future.

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