This is a fan fiction story by Selound. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

Cold November rain poured endlessly in Szenwoods. Thunder boomed as lightning lit up the grey sky. Woodlanders stay snuggled up in their warm little homes. One creature and his band rode in their stag pulled cart down the muddy road.

Moltgea was a savage vermin. He wore a red velvet cape with the skull of a small rodent as the connecter. His face had multiple scars and red markings. His charcoal black fur shimmered as rain water touched it. He was no ordinary vermin.

He and his band came from a place far far away. Down under.

His type of vermin was alien to the woods. He was an animal called a Tasmanian devil. Others in the band arranged from many savage creatures. Devilish dingoes. Barbarous bandicoots and, many more exotic wretched vermin.

Hatred burned in his black wicked eyes. Disgusted at the sight of the slow stags. Furious he grabbed a whip from the nearest dingo. “Get movin lazy hooves or, I’ll have you for ‘awks meat!” he yelled striking at the two stags with the whip.

Pain ran through their scarred backs. The Tasmanian devil was enjoying the stags cry out in pain. The cart moved faster turning up mud and rain water. The band of vermin kept going on the path towards T.V.G.R.C. Evil laughter rang out in the woods.

The cart traveled further leaving nothing but destruction. Thunder boomed louder and rain poured harder.

Moltgea was on the move

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