• I live in Green Isle
  • I was born on October 29
  • My occupation is Fan Fiction Writer and reader
  • I am Female
  • SevenElevenOwl

    I, for some odd reason, like Riggu Felis's mate, Lady Kaltag. I guess I'm just as crazy as her...Well anyway, there wasn't, I don't think any, fics about Kaltag so I decided to make one. Oh, and sorry if the dates aren't right (I basically guessed).

    Day 14 of what I'm guessing to be Spring,

    What should I care? I'm basically Queen of Green Isle! Well, nothing really exciting is going on around here, just the same otters being tied beneath the pier each night. But my pearl collection is growing! Maybe Riggu will bring me some more from his hunting trip with Pitru and Jeefra. Probably not, he never does anything romantic anymore, I'll just have to wait and see ~ Lady Kaltag

    Day 15 of Spring,

    Riggu surely gave me a surprise! Definitely NOT the oneā€¦

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