Chapter 1:

The clouds were warning to release their rains as the rider was flying though the wind swept woods of Lucrhia, but as he was approaching the rusted iron gates of Cape Holt the mournful wail of thunder erupted from the clouds above him. The rain soaked mane of his horse flared up in front of his eyes as his horse buckled but the horseman cracked his reins and got the black horse settled back down. His horse trotted in to the rain soaked town. The wooden stairs creaked as his heavy boots clomped down on them. "Ah, welcome weary traveler!" Said a jolly looking otter from behind the bar counter, "Did you come here for Captain Scartail's famous grog?" The rider only shook his head. "Just some information," He said as he plopped down two silver weapons. As the cheery old otter was pouring him some beer in a frothy mug he said," Hmmm, are those ol' Captain Torbol's weapons? Haven't seen those since me old seafarein' days!" The old otter looked around the bar nervously and whispered, "Don't know much 'bout 'em but she do," And pointed over to a mouse sitting alone in a corner of the tavern, "But she won't like much o' you," He said with a laugh, "Hey barkeep, get us some more grog! Or I stick me dagger between your ribbers!" said a drunken looking ferret from across the room. "Whoops! Better get on that! Ye best rent a room with me 'cause all the other places 'bout here will leave ye with a dagger in your stomach and no money in 'our pocket!" with that the jolly old otter left him. Her name was Romica; she was a striking mouse with velvet brown fur and sharp features, she was sitting alone in a darken corner of the tavern sharpening her nails with a sharp silver dagger. As the rider approached she glanced up and said," Is that old silver fur's gun?" she looked at the sword, "Haven't seen that sword in awhile! Could complete my collection of that old man's weapons!" "There not for sale. I need some information about Captain Torbol." He said as he sat down, "Why? He was just some old crazy man that thought he could round the horn!" She went back to sharpening her nails. "Like everyone before him, he got himself shipwreaked on that demon of a coast." She stared deep into his hood and said," Who are you?" He grabbed his hood and yanking it off he said," I'm his son."

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