Sham De Fflorian Braybuck

aka Kyle Jenkins

  • I live in Washington State
  • I was born on April 14
  • I am Male
  • Sham De Fflorian Braybuck

    Chapter 7

     Ahead of Halfclaw and his nomads, the cliffs at the northern end of the Great Southern Plateau were drawing nearer. Halfclaw was working things over in his mind, trying to figure out how to get his entire tribe down the cliffs without their pursuers catching them.  “All archers to me!” he cried.  “Slippy take the lead, those cliffs should be easy for the lizards to climb down get everyone to the bottom quick, me and the other archers will be along shortly.”  It turned out to be very easy for the lizards to climb down the cliff face. Since all unnecessary items had had to be thrown off.  Halfclaw and his archers went to the back of the group and turned to face the enemy.  Burgy gulped nervously, “Oi’ve never ad to shoot anybeast…

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  • Sham De Fflorian Braybuck

    Chapter 6

     The sun was setting and a feast was taking place out on the lawn, at Redwall Abbey. The Friar and his helpers had managed to get everything cooked, with the timely arrival of the Guosim shrews. Being excellent cooks, the shrews had kindly offered to help cook the large amounts of food for the feast. Everybeast there would always remember the feast as one of the best in even the seasons to come.  Friar Conner and his aid Fuerla, the pretty mousemaid, had hardly touched any of the food. They got pleasure from watching otherbeasts enjoy food rather than eating it themselves, well at feasts anyway.  Abbot Mitchell sat next to his wife at the head of the large table. He was pleased that so many creatures had come from all over Mossfl…

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  • Sham De Fflorian Braybuck

    Chapter 5

    Morning Sunlight drifted down over two hares sleeping amidst the brambles of the pine grove fifteen leagues from the mountain of Salamandastron. A drop of dew fell off a blade of grass, waking Kailee when it hit her on the nose. The young hare yawned and looked around at her surroundings. It took her a moment to remember that she had left the mountain.

    She looked at her friend and smiled, "I say sah, we’d best get a jolly old move on wot!"

    Colonel Sham open one eye and grumbled, "Not without breaking our fast young’un. Imagine a hare marching for a bally abbey without a bite of brekkers

    Not the done sort of thing y’know.

    "Righto sah! Oh the jolly old fires gone out. Well I guess its oatcakes and barley water for breakfast sah."


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  • Sham De Fflorian Braybuck

    Chapter 4

    Halfclaw rode a lizard at te front of his group of nomads. Slippy and Burgy Rode beside him weeping unashamedly at the sight behind them. A great cloud of smoke rose up into the sky, Krika Longblade had ended Loamtown forever

    At the still smoldering ruins of Loamtown, Krika Longblade was fuming with anger.

    "I should’ve know that they would run! Arrgh why did I have to give them full days head start."

    A rat behind him spoke in a low gravely voice "Don’t worry my lord, we’ll catch up to them. I looked at the tracks from there mounts, there only walking, if we get are lizards moving fast we’d be able to catch up to them."

    "Aye Umrag, yore probably right. Mount up!"

    Krika Longblade was on the hunt.

    The nomads from Loamtown had made camp by …

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  • Sham De Fflorian Braybuck

    Chapter 3

    The midday sun shone over Redwall Abbey. From its red sandstone walls, down to the pond in its grounds, over to the orchards, Redwall was truly a thing of beauty.

    Abbott Mitchell was an otter in his mid-seasons. He and his wife Abbess Jannet had ruled Redwall for many long seasons, since they were both not but twenty seasons of age.

    The Abbott looked out from his bedchamber window at the wondrous abbey that the creatures had chosen him to rule. He smiled to himself.

    "Good afternoon Father, erm what are you still doing about up here? Its almost noon." The good Abbott turned around to se Brother Fred the mouse in charge of the infirmary standing in the doorway.

    "Oh, hello Brother, um I was actually about to come down, shall we walk toge…

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