So, here follows my first new Redwall fanfic in a while. It will almost certainly be finished. I am only a few chapters into it, but I thought I'd post a teaser. Thanks to Salem for letting me bounce ideas off her. I will update you if asked, and concrit is much appreciated!

Spoilers follow for Legend of Luke and Martin the Warrior

Many contradictory accounts exist of the records you are about to read. Some claim that this story be only half true, that the Northlands never came to play in this tragic tale. Others that it is invented entirely.

But there remain those in the North who claim to have seen the crazed beast with their own eyes, blood dripping from his snout and his ruined laugh echoing across the rocks. Others recall him lying close to death but refusing to die, marked with the wounds that would have killed a normal creature. There are very few in the North who claim to have known his kindness before the silver fox wrecked his mind.

Herein follows the tale of Folgrim Mossguard, why he left on his vengeance hunt, how the vermin tore his sanity away from him, how he made friends and escaped- and why he began to heal.

I have interviewed many beasts involved in this tale, but no matter how biased or how difficult to work with, all agree on one thing:

The silver fox is the one to blame...


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