• Silas switch

    A Memory-Washed Away

    December 11, 2010 by Silas switch



    Mossflower Wood was alive with Spring life. Dainty ferns unraveled and flourished. Harebells and buttercups nodded gently in the friendly breeze. The River Moss had swelled with the runoff of melted snow. Butterflies and dragonflies were daintily fluttering into the new sunlight, flying busily in different directions. There was complete silence and tranquility-until the caravans came rumbling through the woods.

    The first was a blue caravan, pulled by two strong otters. Purple curtains fluttered from the window and the back entrance. A hare and a mouse sat on the back step, swinging their paws. The second was red and yellow, with a burly young badger pulling it. A slim squirrel was the only other creature s…

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  • Silas switch


    She was born in the North with the name of Silas (for her father had wanted a boy) with grey fur as soft as new-fallen snow and wide amber eyes. She was the light of her father's life, and all a mother could ask for. But one day, misfortune raised its ugly head and enclosed the family in its maw. The War Queen was coming!

    It was early afternoon, when Silas was swaddled in cloth and taken by her mother deeper into the woods. Her mother, Brushtail, laid Silas by a rotting long, and covered her in tall soft ferns. Brushtail then took a slip of paper and the only item of value she possessed; an uncut ruby, from her apron pocket. She laid these both by Silas, gathered the ferns closer around her daughter, and ran away. The War Queen was c…

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  • Silas switch

    Ceteruler Stripe

    April 23, 2010 by Silas switch

    BOOK ONE: Bloodwrath


    Small gulls wheeled and soared above the great extinct volcano. Scores of badgers gouged and mined to create small dwellings within. Some badgers carved rough corridors to join the caves. Scores of them and other small beasts suchas squirrels, otters, hedgehogs and hares made their home here, each choosing their own dwelling spaces. Virtimo, a dominant badger, had tried to bring the badgers together, to ome as one to unite all creatures in the mountain, lest they be attacked. But since his death, the project had fallen into dassaray. Badgers fought amongst each other and fended for themselves and their families. Ceteflower and Gawjfang, two badger siblings, were one such family. Orphaned, they cared for each other, …

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  • Silas switch

    Queen of Ice

    April 5, 2010 by Silas switch

    BOOK ONE: A JOURNEY BEGINS CH. 1 It was cold in the North. A motley array of vermin were huddled around a fire, cloaks wrapped tightly about them. A skinny pheasant was spitted upon the fire, and some edible roots were boiling in a pot. Leska, a weasel who was the captain of the group, passed around a flask of last winter's elderberry wine, remarking "Huh, wish the Queen had sent us with more food." He spat into the fire. "'Tis a hard and cruel life so 'tis." Thaer, a large fox, took a swig of the wine and passed it on.

    "Aye, such a fine plan, being left to transport this wretched thing to the Southern Isles." he kicked a small bag tightly bound with rope. It moved slightly, and a small growl issued forth from it. Thaer kicked it again, gro…

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  • Silas switch


    icy rain lashed the trees of mossflower. angry clouds scuttled above the twilight world. a flash of lightning illuminated a small moving bundle of rags. the bundle was soaked through and caused the wearer great difficulty in movement. the creature tripped in the mud and lay there exhausted.

    two hedgehogs and a mole hurried along, heavy habits keeping the rain at bay. they carried a small log and atop it was a covered basket. they stumbled down the path and the leading mole almost tripped over the pile of rags. "wait oop, yurr Tumble. oi gots a gurt pile o i dobt know what!"

    Tumble, a male hedgehog, put down his end of the log and picked the bundle up. he laid it on the log alongside the basket. "hurry now! this beast 'as st…

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