Mossflower Wood was alive with Spring life. Dainty ferns unraveled and flourished. Harebells and buttercups nodded gently in the friendly breeze. The River Moss had swelled with the runoff of melted snow. Butterflies and dragonflies were daintily fluttering into the new sunlight, flying busily in different directions. There was complete silence and tranquility-until the caravans came rumbling through the woods.

The first was a blue caravan, pulled by two strong otters. Purple curtains fluttered from the window and the back entrance. A hare and a mouse sat on the back step, swinging their paws. The second was red and yellow, with a burly young badger pulling it. A slim squirrel was the only other creature seen on the red caravan. The third was a lighter blue, smaller, with a rounded purple roof.

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