BOOK ONE: Bloodwrath


Small gulls wheeled and soared above the great extinct volcano. Scores of badgers gouged and mined to create small dwellings within. Some badgers carved rough corridors to join the caves. Scores of them and other small beasts suchas squirrels, otters, hedgehogs and hares made their home here, each choosing their own dwelling spaces. Virtimo, a dominant badger, had tried to bring the badgers together, to ome as one to unite all creatures in the mountain, lest they be attacked. But since his death, the project had fallen into dassaray. Badgers fought amongst each other and fended for themselves and their families. Ceteflower and Gawjfang, two badger siblings, were one such family. Orphaned, they cared for each other, or as one means to say, Ceteflower cared for Gawjfang. If there was one thing the badgers could share, it was the massive forgeroom at the peak of the mountain. The badgers were master craftbeasts of iron and starmetal. They helped Ceteflower construct a great collar and chain, for Gawjfang was a madbeast. He would be silent, lapsing into great lengths of sleep, then lash out and claw at anything. Ceteflower had once seen him sleeping on the shore. He awoke suddently, clawing at the air, froth falling from his muzzle and blood flecking his eyes. so the collar and chain had come into consideration.

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