• Silva the Squirrelmaiden

    This story is dedicated to my parents: thanks so much for all the support you gave me!

    To all of my siblings who gave me ideas and helped me with names: Rock on, I love you! :D

    To a special friend of the familys, who helped me with names: I love Japanese! :D

    And to Verminfate, my best mate, who has helped me with Redwall history and such: Thanks, you are a great friend!

    You have heard of the brave mice of Redwall; The mice with courageous, pure, good-loving hearts, Who defended their Abbey with everything they had.

    Martin * Mariel * Matthias * Mattimeo * Dandin * and others

    But not all of the mice of Redwall

    Were good.

    This is Black Rose’s story.

    The sun was blotted out by the blackness. All consuming, the thick darkness enveloped all light,…

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