• Silvana the Assassin

    This Fan Fiction takes place before Martin the Warrior. In the time of when Liyxan the Tyrant was alive, her son Badrang wasn't ruler, my father Bloodclaw as a captain, my mother Selna the Healer in her final days, my brother Skalrag and me were children, and Fort Marshank in its first ever seasons....

    Liyxan the Tyrant watched as her slaves build her Fort Marshank. Her son Badrang was enjoying himself as he whipped the slaves.
    "Take'a look Badrang. Ya will be the ruler of this someday, but not someday soon."
    "But why not soon mum?"
    Liyxan growled and grabbed Badrang."Because your mummy is gonna rule till she is old and not movin'! Got it?"
    "G-Got it marm!"Badrang ran as she let him go.
    A fox was approaching Liyxan from behind."Ahh, ya brought t…

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