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  • I live in The TARDIS
  • I was born on August 23
  • My occupation is Time Traveler
  • I am Male
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    June 29, 2012 by Silverfalcon Pikehawk

    "Whenever someone asked me who I was, or what I did, I never answered..." Ducking under an overhang, the creature blundered on, his heartbeat sounding loud in his ears, his lungs burning, "Not directly at least. Usually just a slight smile and a flash of a blade, and then they'd never see me again..."

    He was running from a shadow. A lethal apparation that haunted the streets, "Sometimes, however, I would say who I was. But most creatures who I said that to either lost their mind or life shortly afterwards..."

    Tripping, the creature went headlong into a parked cart. His nose bleeding and his head spinning, he got up as swiftly as he could, tumbling over some spilled produce from the cart as he resumed running, "

    Though, if you are reading this…

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  • Silverfalcon Pikehawk

    this starts with Felldoh going to kill Badrang

    Felldoh marched onward, a determined vengeful look on his face, carrying his javelin, he was out for blood! little did he kow, thta three of his friends, two otters, and a mouse, each armed were following.

    three days earlier, Brome, Keyla, and Tullgrew, had noticed the changes in their friend, he was quieter, more determined, nad sat left camp often. they had decided to keep a close eye on him. "It sure is strange, how he acts like this now" Brome said to Keyla as the two sat close to the fire while the others slept, Keyla nodded, "Yes it is, maybe we should watch him." the two friends lay down to sleep. while he slept, Keyla had a strange dream, where a mouse carrying Martins sword the Badrang …

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  • Silverfalcon Pikehawk

    this is now the sequal to APT, sorry to any who are disapointed, but I just didn't see how I was gonna do a story of the game

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  • Silverfalcon Pikehawk

    I sit in the dark out side of the cave, a fire burns inside, an ermine and a fox are in the cave. I watch, the ermine is familiar, I strain my ears to listen. Ah yes! I can hear her voice, her name is Althyana Slitbane. Where have I heard that name before? Oh yes. My old friend of the same name, long ago in the time of The Foxwolf. I listen, remembering times long ago, and even before then, when my Selora was with me. Selora, the name I have never mentioned for seasons, but thought of since that fateful day. I wish I could go in the cave and reveal myself to them when teh time is right for them to know, but no, not now, I must wait. Selora, Selora...the sweet name forever in my heart, now, what was that story?

    (A/N:This is a sneak peak, if …

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  • Silverfalcon Pikehawk

    Ozain Aeroblade stood at the tiller, his ship, the Blood Seeker, plowed the seemingly endless seas, the screams of his wife eminated from they're cabin, suddenly they stopped, a midwife came out and whispered into his ear:"Your wife Cap'n, she is dead, you have another son, it was her last wish that he be named Altayr, what think you?"

    Ozain's never changing stare looked at the mid-wife, "I don't care what he is named! I am not going to take care of some, brat without a female, and I'm not marrying again, if she is dead she's dead! Give him to my daughter-in-law, it'll be good for her. Where is Vice? send him here, and bring Altayr or whatever his name is, I will tell Vice what is happening, oh, and bring the crew. Get some chains, and spare…

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