• Simu Cooper

    Book Four: Fire &Lightning

    Chapter 34

    Hellgates was just as Cluny expected: a wasteland.

    The blank, colorless landscape devoid of vegetation was in contrast with the verdant sky filled with booming thunderclouds. Cluny could barely make out winged shapes among them.

    He turned around to see the Gate, but it was gone. He shrugged it off, thinking it could not serve him anyway. He continued to study Hellgates; off to the distance, he could see a… a point, a spire of some sort. He knew it was very, very far and very, very far.

    That was where he would Vulpuz. He closed his eyes as dark, horrifying memories washed over him at that name. He snarled at this new world of death, ready to tear at any who would get in his way.

    Cluny the Scourge walked towar…

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  • Simu Cooper

    Book Three: Redemption and Retribution

    Chapter 24

    Two cloaked and hooded figures marched south on the northern path in Mossflower Woods. One hefted a stocky war axe with the handle growing out from the front to serve as a spear.

    The largest of the pair held up a paw, signaling a halt. He sniffed and breathed deeply. He smelled smoke.

    And they ran toward its source.

    Draz the robber fox and his gang sifted through the burning remains of the squirrel family’s cottage, wolfing down preserved scones and beakers of fizzy apple cider which was meant for the young squirrel less than a season old.

    Draz’s second-in command, Torscar, tugged his raggedy ear in salute. “Eh, Boss, somebeasts’re comin’ down th’ path. Ye want me tah whack ‘im?” He twirled his s…

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  • Simu Cooper


    October 18, 2010 by Simu Cooper

    Some say that winter is the best of times for the telling of legends... and they spoke correctly.

    Boar the Fighter bounced his young badgermaid daughter, Belle, on his lap. He extracted a russet apple filled fit to burst with meadowcream ffrom one of the cupboards in Brockhall and popped it in her mouth. "Ah, so you wish to hear a story, young Bella?"

    The badgermaid nodded vigourasly, her cheeks puffed out from the size of the apple.

    "Right then, I shall tell you a tale the likes of which will never be heard of again. It spans back far beyond the existence of Brockhall, or even Mossflower wood. It takes place in a faraway land, with strange customs and stranger beasts. For this is the tale of four friends, and their rise to immortal glory, th…

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  • Simu Cooper

    Chapter 20

    Blackness… nothingness…An empty abyss…And then memories. A smiling ratmaid, an enraged boar, a magnificent sword…

    And then he remembered.

    He was Cluny the Scourge, the greatest and most powerful Warlord the land had ever known. He defeated the Taggerung, slayed a pike single-pawed and pillaged and destroyed all that stood in his path of conquest and vengeance.

    Cluny was in total darkness, completely surrounded by some strange mass. When he tried to move, he felt indescribable agony. And then he remembered: the bell! The mouse had tricked him, and then cut the ropes, and the great Joseph Bell had crushed him.

    It seemed impossible, but Cluny had survived! And he was going to make them pay. Oh yes, he would do to all of them as he had d…

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  • Simu Cooper

    Chapter 19

    The high, warm sun shone down on Cluny the Scourge.

    Cluny was coming!

    He was big, and tough; an evil rat with ragged fur and curved, jagged teeth. He wore a black eyepatch; his eye had been torn out in battle with a pike.

    Cluny had lost an eye.

    The pike had lost its life!

    Some said that Cluny was a Portuguese rat. Others said he came from the jungles far across the wide oceans. Nobody knew for sure.

    Cluny was a bilge rat; the biggest, most savage rat that ever jumped from ship to shore. He was black, with grey and pink scars all over his huge sleek body, from the tip of his wet nose, up past his green and yellow slitted eye, across both his mean tattered ears, down the length of his heavy vermin-ridden back to the enormous whiplike tai…

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