Chapter 5

The seasons come and go, just like they always do. The leaves change, the snow falls, over and over. The old die and the young take their place. Such is the case between Scrachtface and Whiptail.

With the exception of Whiptail not being the slave rebellion leader, seeing as how there was no slave rebellion.

Whiptail was a true rat, despicable and concerned only with himself- and Glae. The fact that a rat would normally love nothing besides himself made him unique.

He was wakened by a loud clattering as the daily porridge and water was delivered. Before any other slaves could react, he lashed out wildly with his tail and snarling viciously to warn them off. He slopped it up with his bare paws and drunk greedily. Behind him, a hogbabe wept out of hunger. He didn’t even hear it.

Whiptail had quite a reputation among the ranks of Sovlergash. Long had Zorkaan had his eyes on him. Once he even asked the rat to join his ranks.

Whiptail tore off an arrow-length of the boar’s tail.

For this he had been sentenced to flogged 70 times.

The selected wildcat, Whiptail had disemboweled.

He broke the neck of his executioner.

Time after time he escaped punishment through nothing but strength and will. Why did he resist so?

“Because I serve nothing!”

Glae pleadingly tugged on her brother’s arm. ”Your open defiance will only lead to the suffering of everyone here, Whiptail!”

“Hmph. Let them suffer.”

“Don’t you care at all? Is your independence and survival all that matter?”

Whiptail stared her hard in the face. "No…you are all that matter.”

And without another word, he walked away.

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