Chapter 7

Another sunny morning on Sovlergash, something that would normally bring hope and contempt.

But not on this day.

A sense of overlapping doom hung over the fortress.

Zorkaan hid in a hay cart along with Crossclaw and Ajihad, watching young Glae pull a great boulder by a rope around her waist, along with two squirrels. Whiptail squat outside the slave barracks, surveying all around him.

It was time to end this.

Zorkaan waved a bright green flag.

Tekker nodded and pulled out his whip and began to beat at Glae. ”Git movin’, ye wee missie, ‘fore I ‘ave yer guts fer garters!”

Whiptail saw all. He bellowed with rage and ran toward the fox.

Tekker sniggered. He pulled out a long rusty kitchen knife, grabbed Glae, and pressed it against her throat.

Whiptail ground to a halt stood, snarling at the fox. Zorkaan and Crossclaw showed themselves. The boar allowed himself a smug grin.

“Do you see now the measures I must go to so that I may bring discipline?” You really have nobeast to blame but yourself.”

All the slaves ceased their activities to see Zorkaan and Whiptail’s rivalry come to a close. Good, he thought. They will all see what happens to he who disobeys the Taggerung.

Zorkaan noted the look of fear on the rat’s face. He took full advantage of it. “If you wish to keep your sister alive, you must vow to forever serve me, without question. Now kneel before your Lord!

Whiptail swore a thousand oaths of vengeance against Zorkaan… and did as he was bid.

Zorkaan smiled disarmingly. “See? That wasn’t so awful, now was it?” He nodded at Tekker who slew Glae with a quick slash at her throat.

The thump her body made as it hit the ground caused Whiptail to look up. His sister…His sister… He snarled at Zorkaan and ran at him on all fours. He smacked Whiptail with the flat of his axeblade and several hordebeasts resoundingly beat him unconscious with clubs and spearbutts.

The Taggerung kicked the rat contemptuously and ordered, “Take this thing to the River of Lost Souls!”

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