Some say that winter is the best of times for the telling of legends... and they spoke correctly.

Boar the Fighter bounced his young badgermaid daughter, Belle, on his lap. He extracted a russet apple filled fit to burst with meadowcream ffrom one of the cupboards in Brockhall and popped it in her mouth. "Ah, so you wish to hear a story, young Bella?"

The badgermaid nodded vigourasly, her cheeks puffed out from the size of the apple.

"Right then, I shall tell you a tale the likes of which will never be heard of again. It spans back far beyond the existence of Brockhall, or even Mossflower wood. It takes place in a faraway land, with strange customs and stranger beasts. For this is the tale of four friends, and their rise to immortal glory, the tale of the first and last of the Primagicians..."

Book One: Exiled

Chapter 1

In the faraway continent of Pulset, none could dare oppose the reign of King Kuusta Beardfrill the chameleon. His ancestors had sailed to this place long ago and set up a true civilization. Their line had built remarkable stone cities, farmland and waterducts. Only the Royal Army- rats, weasels. stoats, ferrets, foxes, and even some of his kin who acted as Generals, had been awarded riches and earldoms, with the majority being simple townbeasts. His vermin lived in the magnificent cities, reproducing at a swelling number over the seasons.

Kuusta Beardfrill sat at the long dining table with his family, including his two daughters, son and wife, Queen Sarisar. He plucked delicately at a roasting squirrelhide, a napkin stuffed in the neck of his crimson and violet robes. He picked crumbs from his fold of skin that cascaded down from his skin, giving him his title, Beardfrill.

The huge marbled doors banged open, and a grizzled hedgehog rushed toward Kuusta and grasped his paw in a viselike grip.

Kuusta pointed an accusing claw at his personal bodyguard, Galtar the fox. "hhhhHow did hhhhhe get in hhhhhere?"

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