Cluny approached the tapestry with the Hocain in his left paw, the sword in his right, and the Glist was curled around by his tail. All Redwallers, young and old, followed. Cluny stared at the eyes of the mouse on the wall, and solemnenly closed his eyes. He touched the tips of all three weapons above his head, and felt a surge of unspeakable power rush through him. There was a blinding flash of light that penetrated even through his closed eyelids. When he opened them, the Warrior on the tapestry was gone! He felt a paw of unspeakable strength and kindness grasped his shoulder. He turned.

And there, for all creatures to see, was Martin the Warrior.

Every creature present stood with their mouths agape, Cluny among them. Abbot Mordalphus fell to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks unchecked. Martin leaned down and cupped his face and said, “You have ruled well here, Father. With you as Abbot, I am proud to call myself a Redwaller.” Mordalphus’s face radiated pure joy. Martin then cradled the babe which was sired by the late Mattimeo. “You posses a name of power, Martin. Bear it well, and protect your friends.”

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