Mattimeo, Warrior of Redwall Abbey, rose on a glorious autumn day. What made this day so glorious? It was the first day of harvest! He merrily breakfasted in Great Hall with friends and family alike. Martin II, Mattimeo’s son, climbed gingerly on his lap.

“Daddy, Summone be bangin’ onna bigdoor!”

“Thank you, Martin. Go to your mother now.” Mattimeo forsake breakfast and exited onto the main ground. Indeed, someone was banging on the main gate. As he opened it, he wondered who the visitors might be.

He inspected the newcomers carefully. The largest two were in long hooded cloaks, concealing their identity. The other was a young squirrel, holding the paw of the larger cloaked figure.

“Welcome to Redwall Abbey. I am Mattimeo the Warrior. Please, come to breakfast with us.”

As he turned to guide the strangers, the larger cloaked figure rasped in an old voice, “I seek a council with your father.”

“All in good time, friend. Come, today is the first day of harvest. There is much work to be done.”

The visitors allowed themselves to be led off to breakfast. A mousewife showed the three to an empty space at one of the great tables lining Great Hall. Martin climbed in the young squirrel’s lap, who fed the infants candied chestnuts and introduced himself

“Hello, little fellow. My name’s Loxas, and this is Simu and Whiptail. Tell me, what’s yours?”

“Heeheehee! No tella name ‘til I gets more chestnuts!”

Cluny stepped cautiously back into Great Hall that night. In front of the great tapestry, a lone mouse stood. He was in middle seasons, in the green habit of a novice. Cluny stood with him. The mouse turned to him.

“You have come to this Abbey, seeking to meet me. I don’t know why, but I feel as though we have met before.”

“That’s one way of putting it.”

“Who are you, really?”

“I am what Martin made me.”

“Martin? You know Martin?"

"Oh yes, we’ve had quite the conversations.”

Cluny stepped toward the tapestry, turned on his heels, and casually removed his hood. Though the face was old and scarred, Matthias recognized it immediately. He nearly fell back with surprise, but Cluny grabbed his arm and pulled him upright.

“You’re… You’re dead!”

“Hmph. Felt like it.”

“But nobeast could survive what you went through!”

“I never said I understood it. But I survived, and no amount of denial will change that.”

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