What truely happens when Redwall dawns at the Modern Era, what truely should happen? Do the Redwallers just stay where they are a live the rest of their live in such a small area until space travel comes along? How far off does or can the Redwall world go on?

Redwall has inspired my imagination in many ways and has raised many stories running in my mind keeping me from boredom everyday. This little box of information in my mind holding the many stories I have put together and eversomany places and ideas that have raised in my head bring me to an idea; what goes beyond Redwall.

If their some kind of Isles farther away, should anymore land of afar be 'trayed by the oncoming book. But yet in mine mind and in some of my reality, I have drawn myself maps and stories of the possible future, including the explorations of afar leading to the fabled Western Cape of the Great Sea. My mind has created my prespective of what may be out there where such new stories emerge. Many more continents may come many miles North, South, East and West bringing us new things discovered.

Some stories in my mind still live on in its inspiration but some when abandoned seem to fade away, all of those important informations about certain characters I brought starting to become dimmer and dimmer until thought of anew begin to cancel them out. After my therapist learned my true brain capacity, and what really was going on, I discovered my thoughts were in danger of passing away into the depts of mine sub-concsience to be gone forever; thus I begin some of my inspired stories starting with one of my more recent ideas; Redwall (1529) "Days of Exploration"...

What do you think happens next? Make your comment.

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