Another of my stories that have once raised through mine mind includes that of a fox named Ashcrod Danverian, son of Stallehrgan von Xerphy, born among the Eastern plateaus of the Eastern plains. This fox was an unusual charcter who starts with a hatred of his parents, this hatred leads to his way of dealing with things leaving him 'self-orphaned' and lost among the wilderness he decided to explore.

When growing up in the wilderness, he found a home in the Southern Ports of Siertan and Cullerville, where he eventually assembled own fleet of 7 ships according to his new whim to explore the land uncharted at that time. His journeys would bring him far off amid the coasts North of Trauren up to the cities at Larnen where he would come to free a random city and become part of a group of pieous Xardian Mage. His life would include charcteristics and differnt unusual titles which usual do not apply all to one idividual thus he would explore some of the lands in the far North Patreignian Coasts, where he would accomplish a Northmen debut failed by many before him.

His journey's would lead to many new chartings in the Southern Archives.

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