IMPORTANT: If you know about my writings and don't want to spoil the entire series for yourself or if you are not involved in the original conversation, DO NOT READ, lest you are interested and want to share any opinions.

The following in its entirety works towards connecting together all of my ideas and plots and describing how they all come together into the main plot line of the Redwall Canon.


Well first of all, my intentions as a contributor to the Redwall Wiki was to be able to write and post my ideas for “Expanding the Redwall Universe” in order to create a platform of writing that is no longer confined to a single small setting and can allow for multiple individuals to develop the timelines of various parts of the world without having to interfere with or write over existing canons. In general, instead of having a large collection of stories based upon the original Redwall canon which all are placed in their own forms of timelines and basis of setting in the Redwall Universe based on the user, all stories and ideas based upon the Legacy of Redwall Revised Canon are connected together by one large planet whose various locations and settings can be defined by the main creator and developer and by other users who wish to help develop the various nations and aspects of history that encompass the world.

The creation of this Canon is also designed to create a fictional absolute beginning and end setting to the Redwall Universe in order to add a new perspective and setting platform for much greater developments of the series to be made upon. What I envision is a future “Star Wars” scaled timeline of the Universe beginning from a point in time that I call the “Creation Rift” and ending at the point I call “Forever Until Eternity” where I assume a state of never ending elevation in the mortal mind’s capabilities and a constant attempt to become level with whatever Creator made them, lest some form of an apocalypse were to completely end their entire universe. All of my stories occur in the same setting of Redwall except with the addition of all places in the entire planet and an expanded aspect of history that goes into various events all around the world. I am currently developing the stories and events occurring in the continents of Patreignia (Redwall currently being located in a southern bay), HamansHalt (a continent known for ancient visits from a Doomlord and his Doomsoul servants who frequented the area, having come from the same dimension as Hellgates, in which a stoat conqueror by the name of Haman took over the continent from the eastern island of Czardera. Stories in this area continue with the events and sieges that led to the formation of the final Great Shire from which originated communication between the species of the Redwall world and the advanced civilizations that supposedly colonized it thousands of years ago), and the Land of Ice and Snow (a world once ruled principally by wolverines, foxed and ermine which eventually formed into a northern civilization known as “The Tyrant Nations”, which were ruled by the descendents of the revolutionary group who supposedly overthrew the wolverine rule sometime after Gulo the Savage’s departure. I take this opportunity to add to the history of this land as chronologically, not many more encounters are seen from the Land of Ice and Snow in the rest of the series. These developments are made to establish the Redwall setting as it would have been hundreds of years before the time of Lord Brocktree and how it would be when they approach the modern era.

Idea of the Creation Rift and Foundation for the Redwall Spritual World

The Creation Rift is based on my perception of Creation and the idea that even if the world is geologically based upon the big bang, all events before Biblical Creation are completely capable of happening except for the fact that they didn’t occur in the so called “Real Timeline” of the world. Hence it’s based on the idea that all events such as those 90,000 years before Redwall where I place the first civilizations which began the single species colonizing of various planets which eventually lead to the collaboration between multiple planetary sectors in the creation of more diverse planets like the Redwall world. In the chronological colonization of the planets of the Redwall Galaxy, Redwall was first colonized a few thousand years before the Biblical Creation, or end of the Creation Rift, yet is intended to have a timeline that is generally aligned with our own excluding the possibility of any time dilation between the two very distant worlds. Thus, a Creation Rift is like a long period of time which doesn’t actually physically pass when relative to another timeline. In this case, the sub-rift of the Creation Rift containing all events in the Redwall Universe that occur before the Biblical time of Creation. And the Creation rift is like a time period that didn’t occur in our own timeline although all of its events and the experiences of those in the rift were all rendered during the time of Creation. My perception of Creation is the idea of a mature 13 billion year old universe being able to be established in order to define the current state of the expanding universe at the point of Creation.

The Dominant Species

So in the sub-rift, we have the world of the Superior Council, which generally refers to the world of the starter species who are designated to develop the representative species to be placed within the Redwall Galaxy. All of my stories, though, concentrate on the view of the genus, Mustela, and how they influenced their world and the history of Redwall. In my canon, the Redwall planet exists within a sector within the boundary between the Mustelidae (otters, weasels, martens etc.) and Muridae (mice and such) sectors. Hence Mustelids, specifically weasels, ferrets, and such, and Muridae, most predominantly mice, tend to act as dominant sentient species controlling their land. This shows in the case of the dominance of weasel and ferret species in the continent of Patreignia, the Mustela based civilization of the Verkon being one of the first to have been established as of 90,000 years before Redwall, the leadership role of Mustelids in vermin and reformed vermin factions in Corsair occupied Southern Patreignia, and the Corphan mice faction on Patreignia who from oppression rise as a powerful military empire who continuously influence great wars from 1700s to 1929, 1929 to 2014, 2114+, and the Great Galactic war from year 3000 to the ENDOS 13 detonation in 6014. Yes I may seem to be speaking a lot of canonical jargon from my outline and general collection of ideas but will be clarified in my official outline and canon document.

One thing, I don’t actually know how to link documents from my own computer to the wiki. Once I do, I can post the document containing my map, the map legend, my Official Outline, and my First Revision Redwall Canon.

The Council of the Superior Races

The first chronological aspect that you will see in the outline is the one under large headings called “Legacy of Redwall: The Council of the Superior Races” which concentrates on the representatives for Mustela. This is where my story “The Legacy of the SabreFein” comes in. This tale brings one into the setting of the world of Iaeus Taera which is a large psionic mass of land floating around a large gravitational center. In my canon, there are these things called “Sets of Matter”. The predominant one is our own Standard Model of subatomic particles and the periodic table of elements. I visualize dark matter as referring to a set of particles that don’t interact with our world except gravitationally but do interact with each other but with different laws. In the dimension of the Superior Councils, the majority of matter is “Psionic”. I’m already developing the physics behind them but anyways, from their perspective, our visible universe is dark matter to them. Anyways, the plot of Legacy of the SabreFein begins with the existence of these large winged combinations of sable and ferret, known as SabreTrauss who were the elite race of Iaeus Taera. The plot continues on with the constant rivalry between brothers for power leading to the establishment of various tiers of Darkness that each fallen brother and other corrupt beasts would be stored in. This ends with the rivalry between Cebreus and Dionius which ends with Dionius’ fall and the rise of a lower species currently referred to as “Traullen”. So in general, my stories consist of a large variety of important character with various historical rolls. In this case, Taukken, one of the Traullen leads his people to superiority and rule the separating land between the High Orders and the Tier of Darkness for about a century before Cebreus successfully unites the two separated factions in order to bring the Traullen to their downfall providing for the unity foundation of the Redwall spiritual world and Hellgates.

Planetary Colonization and the "Arks of Life"

The first fallen brother Dieaus refuses to cooperate and is eventually annihilated and sent to the sixth tier which he can never return from. His host of Doomlords and their Doomsoul servants are made into the central system of leadership for controlling the newly establish network of realms known as the Hygelith. One of the realms is known as the AXUS which is a location that most repentant or neutral Mustela species go to upon death. Another realm includes the Hellgates which is ruled by Vulpuz, a fox which I decided to make as an official extant character in the series. Vulpuz was a friend of a Hygelithian (living in the Hygelith world) weasel who influenced the religious development of a colonized sector know as DAKUS, which was directly colonized by the VERKON of the VEROS Ornagus, a collection of five solar systems guiding various Mustela based civilizations towards knowledge of their original colonizers and their purpose as a colonizer of the next generation of inhabited solar systems. The VERKON colonized these planets using “Arks of Life”, or large pods containing a pair or so of a particular representative species which would be strategically placed around the planet where they are most likely to adapt to their environment and develop intellectually and socially. The Verkon of the planet Verkon Khanas, located in the Erokras star system of VEROS, and their partner planetary systems, Ero’x and Ieden, were the main civilizations contacting the people of Redwall planet, specifically those of the continent of HamansHalt. The stories behind the VERKON can be summarized under the heading “Legacy of Redwall: The High VERKON” in my Official Outline. The events of the 40,000s and 50,000s are considered as a time of rapid technologically development and as a time of revolution which ended the conflict between two rival species, the Koffus (ferret-like beings) and the Whitzers (resembling weasel-like beings). 10,000 years after the first Arks of Life implanted the two species in the VEROS Ornagus, the Whitzers who were destined to become the dominant species showed signs of corruption in the way they treated the Koffus, hence the Superior Council decided to intervene by providing the Koffus with the capability to manipulate and summon the Psionic Set of Matter, which gave them a significant advantage in weapon and technological advancement. Yet following their rise to greatness, the Koffus continuously punished the Whitzers for acts that they said “could never be forgiven”. But after 40,000 years of oppression and segregation, one would most likely consider it to have been taken quite out of hand. Thus started an age of war in the 50,000s between the Koffus and the Whitzers, and the VEROS Ornagus and the Klaek Wielding RAUFOS Ornagus of species under the Martes Genus (martens and sables etc.).

Extra Galactical Intervention

Another heading labeled under “60,000, the Descendents of the Veikri” is just an installment that allows individuals to look into one of the discoveries of a large ship that crashed on the uninhabited planet of Etronas in the Erokras Solar System where they learned of an ancient extragalactic race living in a world that was ravaged by the conflict between the dominant civilizations of two colliding galaxies. People, if interested, could look into the development of the history in this world.

Redwall in the Ancient Times and the Continent of HamansHalt

Finally, we have the planet of the Redwall world being colonized. In the ancient tribal times of the continent of HamansHalt, a rebellious Doomlord, Xerphas, who had established his own empire within the Hygelithian World paid a visit to this continent leading to the formation of the ancient Xerphite religions. During this time, he and his Doomsoul servants decided to take complete control over the people of the continent by appearing to tribes and selecting an individual to act as the “Caster” of that tribe. Depending on the evil acts of an individual, a “Caster” was entitled to cast a curse upon the individual that was enforced by the Doomsouls, who being capable of manipulating reality and the thoughts of an individual unseen, created the impression of a supernatural force enforcing these curses. Following various political struggles with the Superior Council in Xerphas’ Hygelithian Empire, the Doomsouls gradually dissolved their control over the people of HamansHalt leading to mass executions of any of the remaining followers of Xerphas during the 1,000s B.C. In 200 to 300 B.C. the VERKON decided to make their first contact with the species of HamansHalt through the use of Whisper which particularly affected 12 individuals, led by an elder individual who taught them in the art of fighting. Nearing 200 B.C., an individual by the name of Zerphy commission a group of Assassins to get rid of them as their tribal town was disturbed by the rituals that they used to partake in. In the process, 8 of the Assassins were killed and all of the followers slain. One individual, Marvich was present during the slaying of the 12 followers’ master, who prior to death recited to him a mysterious oracle stating that he and his family was destined to eventually produce the next heir to the contact with the greater species above them. By the year 131 A.D., the Superior Council directly implanted into a chosen individual’s mind the words of the Biblical scriptures, which in the future simply drives on their civilization’s wonders concerning a distant human race and the perception of their leadership role as a “special” race. In the outline, there is a short summary which goes into the idea of the conflict between two different opinions on how to treat and apply the words that the chosen individual had claimed to have been told. The conclusion of the conflict led to the people of HamansHalt believing in the idea that the doctrine and practices in the recited book were also directed towards them as a message from the Creator that their ancestors used to question about.

Introduction to the AXUS and the Hygelith

In 300 A.D., I decided that this was the time that would form the origin for a future religion that had influenced one of my story plots in the past. The summary of this particular area is shown in the outline under the heading “Legacy of Redwall: HamansHalt” under “The Beginning of the AXUS”. A lot of the points I put in the outline have been temporarily left unfinished as I am constantly thinking up various expansions and new fields of development for the story. Their association with the known Redwall world shows up some few hundred years later with the voyage of Stahlangrphe, a male pure ferret, who ventured across the Great Ocean (west of Patreignia) and the Traedokt Ocean (south of Patreignia) where he landed on an large island located in the eastern sea, east of the peninsula I assume the Redwall world to be located on. Yet this rises various canonical issues with the voyage that Urgan Nagru and Gulo the Savage would have taken as they either walked thousands of mile south through the continent of Patreignia to the northern coasts of the Great Western Sea or simply sailed around the entire continent on a fast flowing southerly current, taking advantage of the northern easterly winds and southern westerly prevailing winds having found the western shores of Patreignia to be barren, thus choosing to settle elsewhere when they come upon the Great Western Sea. Sometime in the 1600s, after the first Great Vermin War occurring in the Redwall World from 1530 to 1614, a group of individuals, who were living oppressed during an attempted genocide of the AXUS communities that was being conducted by the church, sailed to Patreignia in an attempt to maintain their faith by reuniting with the community that Stahlangraphe had created. The two ships that they sailed on were separated, one landing on the western coast of the western the Western Peninsula and the other on the coast of the Eastern Peninsula where there fired upon by the coastal guard known as the Shoktt system. The Shoktt system is populated and controlled by a cohort I refer to as the “Reformed Vermin Alliance” or E.C., for “Early Courtesy”. This cohort goes under my belief that eventually, society would develop and some vermin species would begin choosing to live normal lives and eventually gather together and form an officially recognized faction of vermin species living the lives of goodbeasts.

1400s-1500s: The Age of Exploration, Reformed Vermin and map discrepancy

These events occurred in the early 1400s, sometime after the conclusion of The Rogue Crew, which in my standardized time I assume to occur around the 1200s to 1300s if Lord Brocktree existed between 1 A.D. and the 500s A.D. One problem I have though when developing the story and history of the E.C. is in regards of the location of Riftguard. On my map, I assume it to be located somewhere in the northern coasts of the nation of DavenHalt. Yet, states that is located in the far north which in my thoughts is either located near the northern coasts of Patreignia, yet this makes it impossible to have sailed there and would have required immense distances of travel. But I don’t know what the actual book says about its location except for my memory from grade three of a map simply saying that a northerly current would bring you there. In the case of the Germanic accent of the Pure Ferrets, that tends to work with the setting of the languages or DavenHalt and the nations north of that like the Corphan Republic, whose mice inhabitants speak a rather Germanic language. Hence perhaps in the past, when people had a different perspective of the size of their world, there could have been two separate ideas concerning the far north, the northern coasts of the great sea, and the northern coasts of the continent of Patreignia. Anyways, the 15th century is meant to be a time or “Age of Exploration” for the people of the Redwall world, most importantly for the discovery of the nations existing on the Western Peninsula, leading to the eventual survey of the coast of the entire continent. The Shoktt system was established by Darius van Strauvenn, founder of the E.C., under the hopes of creating a coastal guard to ward off any vermin or corsair attacks.

History of Redwall in the 1500s

One of the most notable events was the siege that occurred in 1493 when a vermin leader, bringing with him an army of 4,000 troops, each being armed with arquebus, conducted a devastating siege on the poorly defended Abbey. One of the main problems was that their Abbot at the time still didn’t approve of the use of firearms as an Abbey defense, leading to vast casualties being sustained. Half the population of the Abbey was slain before the vermin army finally made it in past the Abbey walls and gained full control, keeping the remain survivors as prisoners. Thanks to the brave acts of a young individual who had escaped the Abbey prior to the final breaching of the gates, the Long Patrol reacted quickly and eventually drove the army off. Also within the 1400s, I have established a story occurring in the Land of Ice and Snow involving a rebellion against the now corrupt empire that succeeded that of the wolverines. The next element that I add to my canon is the 1500s, which proves important concerning the events of the 1530s and the beginning of the vermin wars. These events are meant to go into the history of the Redwall world during the early modern area as tensions between the vermin factions, the E.C. and the woodlander factions began rising as Veiksan the Conqueror, successfully unified the main vermin forces and began a large campaign meant towards conquering the entire continent of Patreignia. In the book, Warfare 1530: ‘The First Days of War’, which I intend on revising, the main setting occurs in Redwall Abbey as it is in 1530 while an E.C. ferret and his crew are in the process of installing a new clock in the South Gable. One of the nuances that rise up in the story is the tale of Veiksan’s history and childhood as we gradually learn of how he experienced his father’s brutal death at the hands of a furious E.C. captain whose crew had suffered greatly from his father’s actions. Due to this terrible murder, Veiksan begins to gain an even greater hatred of the E.C. and sees them as unchanged traitors simply trying to get out of the Woodlanders’ careful watch. Yet he lives his life not in knowledge of the steps of reform that the E.C. went through to make sure that such corruption would never occur again. Even when he is speaking with a prisoner, James UhrMacher, an important ferret who confronts him with his reason for conquest, he simply shows painful pleasure in the fact that his father’s murderer ended with a terrible life yet is still not deterred in his plan to conquer Patreignia. So many various emotional and nuances revealing personality tend to occur throughout my series. The 1530s is also the time when the people in Mossflower country and DavenHalt learn of a great empire of mice occurring in the mid and northern parts of Patreignia. These were the Corphans who proved quite helpful in aiding the Abbey’s defenses during an attack that was conducted by Veiksan one day.

The Second Vermin War and the Corphan Supremacy

The next part that I place in the development of Redwall’s history is the Second Vermin War, which succeeded the first which ended in 1614. By then, the majority of landforms on the Redwall planet had already been noted and the Vermin Alliances had begun occupying various nations from which they would conduct their operations. Once the vermin alliances had successfully organized themselves, they began another great conquest, with a much great military force than they had had in the previous war. This time, the E.C., United Woodlanders, Shoktt system and the Corphan Empire found greater difficulty in repressing their actions. Warfare in the Redwall world continued on and on until the Corphan Empire, in 1929 considered it useless being part of any side as the war wasn’t achieving anything and seemed to have no conditions for ending. They were disposing thousands of their own kind with nothing in return. Thus in 1929, the already mighty Corphan Empire decided to declare war on all factions stating that their conditions for termination was complete world domination. Vaulken (term for the leader of the Corphan government) Cromwell quoted, “Well, the point of their conflict seems to be an attempt to achieve final resolution whereby either one wipes out the other, or the other represses a relentless forces, prone to rising up again in the future. Well, if in general what they want is piece, then we’ll force them to settle differences by threatening to take away everything from them! And if they cooperate and successfully hold us back, then there we have our solution to a 300 year old conflict.”

And settle their differences they did as the Corphans ploughed through both of their land with an immense fury that seemingly should have ended the war 100 years prior. One idea that I have is that perhaps in 1530, the current Badger Lord of Salamandastron somehow came upon an old prophecy describing an age of intense warfare between the vermin and woodlanders followed by a depiction of their unity and cooperation and a depiction of what seems to be a great and destructive force ruled by mice. But these are just ideas. The outline states the various books and events meant to describe what occurred during this time of warfare. In my canon, I designate 2014 to be the end of this age of warfare, despite the fact that a large portion of Patreignia was under complete Corphan control. Also, in 1988, Mossflower District, Southsward, and the other nations located around the coast of the Great Sea surrendered under leaving Redwall Abbey, which sadly operated as a Corphan fort for many years, and the United Woodlander Alliance controlled by the Corphan government. At this point, the descendents of the original residents of Redwall Abbey and were driven out of the fort to live in the Redwall Heritage center located near the old U.W.A. headquarters and the old location of Brock Hall and the Corim. But luckily by 2012, the time when my character, Rhaemald, begins his story, Corphan culture and the woodlander culture had adapted and integrated itself well into the lives of the average individual in which people were able to live simple and normal lives despite the warfare that occurred at various frontiers like those in HamansHalt, DervanHalt, Saufferdeman, and Campi Nivea (The Land of Ice and Snow).

The Events of 2114 and those before 3000

Following a time of peace and general military activity, the Redwall world came to an age that threatened the survival of their civilization. In 2114, I place and event deriving from the works of the ferret, Rhaemald van Haelscheir, and his invention, APSC technologies, which he used in an attempt to establish some form of an elite class of people living in physical suspension where they could experience virtual “godhood” through the integration of their minds into a large APSC quantum computer network. Due to reports of people going insane after perceiving what seemed to be eternities of events and wishing to no longer exist, lower class individuals began driving on a rebellion in an attempt to dissolve the current system under the hope of establishing a new and better civilization. Yet this rebellion ends in a nuclear war which drives the main superpowers down into their bunkers. Yet for the Corphans and Union of Reformed Nations, these events wouldn’t stop them from losing their technological momentum and space enterprises. It took 200 years for the two superpowers to restore society on the planet and after becoming a Type 1 civilization, they finally began approaching the interstellar age of their civilization. In 2688, I start the TREXUS series which goes into the story of a colonized binary planetary system located in the same solar system as Redwall which becomes a center of events concerning the arrival of an alien invasion force from the TrenFraus Ornagus (hosted mainly be Mustela species) and eventually experiences a terrible war in an attempt to gain the absolute control required to protect against what is to come.

The Great Galactic War of 3000-6014

The second to last part of the series is the war that occurs from year 3000 to 6014 in which the Corphan Empire began a large conquest in an attempt to gain complete domination over the galaxy. A hundred years prior to this, they began their pincer movement to gain control over the center of their star cluster. By year 3000, they released a message using a quantum entanglement communicator, declaring interstellar war against all other civilizations. The Redwall planet falls under the control of the Corphans and for 3000 years the Corphans continue on their ferocious conquest through the galaxy, ending in 6014 during the final invasion of the VEROS Ornagus located near the galactic center where engineers from the TrenFraus system present to the Modium Council (the organization that controlled the society and military of the VEROS Ornagus) the ENDOS 13 super weapon which they detonate consuming the entire galaxy temporarily until a fault in the time processing of the cataclysmic event leads to the complete reversal of the detonation’s occurrence, concluding with a galaxy full of individuals, each of which experienced their souls leaving them in death and returning at the end of the detonation. These events led to the final retreat of the Corphan Empire and the eventual unification of the galaxy.

Civilization in the 24,000s and it's final fall

The final concluding part of the series occurs in the 20,000s, particularly in the 24,000s where unity exists between the galaxies within their galaxy cluster. Sometime during year 24,000, a group of revolutionists dissolved the current civilization which at its height was destined for a drastic fall. The new civilization that followed resulted in a world of people who genetically had the ability to manipulate their conscience and create universes of their own, experiencing vast expanses of time in what could technically be nothing but a 30 minute session in the world inside their mind and were physically immortal unless slain. People spent most of the day in their mind universes interacting with other people in the network or developing things to present to the people in the real world. In general, people could achieve much greater intellectual feats in a shorter period of time. The problem was with the fact that some individuals would reach the point that they have perceived so many eternities within their lifespan that they would suddenly lose purpose in existing. Thus the High Order invented “The Cure”, which was a technology which allowed them to wipe their souls out of existence in order to “escape the eternity” which all of them feared. The idea was that before the revolt, people were at a high in their trust in the Creator, but this was all brought down when they gained the perception that they were all part of the attempt to make their Creator’s condemnation into eternity more interesting. In 29,000, an advanced ferret species individual, named Vorkaz Rhoterate, living in the new grand metropolis located near the old location of Redwall and Mossflower District was enlightened with the belief that they simply had to trust in their Creator and that there was something more in eternity that was awaiting them in heaven. People feared their own mortal weakness and incapability of comprehending eternity and didn’t want to go to a place where they would have an escape from the eternity of misery. Thanks to Vorkaz and his revolutionary work, vast numbers of people were enlightened in the hope to end an era where billions of souls were being condemned out of existence. During the end times, Vorkaz is at the top of a spire located at the center of the Grand Metropolis, which is placed on top of the original location of the New Redwall Heritage Center (established in 2014 when the Corphan government restored to building to its original self after having been used as a fort for many years), where one of the members of the High Council, Drometum Rhoterate (distantly related to Vorkaz whose association with him occurs earlier in the book), intends on detonating an ENDOS 14, designed to enact the power of “The Cure” on anyone within 500 kilometers of the area. This was all part of a large operation enacted by the High Council under the knowledge that their era has come to an end and must make way for a new beginning. Most of the revolutionists were waiting for the moment, but Vorkaz particularly wanted to save and preserve Drometum due to his memory of how close they originally were as friends when he was younger and felt that his knowledge needed to be preserve in the future civilization. By the time Vorkaz had made it up to the area, there was only 15 minutes left to defuse the doomsday device which he felt to be plenty of time for him. Yet on approaching the device, Drometum being in the chamber uses his Psionic manipulation capabilities and keeps him pinned in his current position from which he begins speaking to Drometum. This is the second out of two important encounters between the first individual, the first being when Vorkaz was held as a prisoner in which he learns that the High Council isn’t about money and corruption but that they themselves had a true, real fear of eternity and having a mortal death. In fact, Drometum is quite lucky to have survived for so long having not experienced “Tol’rakta”, the state where one loses purpose in existing due to having experience to great of an expanse of time, and hadn’t subjected himself to “The Cure” at least when he was 400 years old. This time, we go into gaining knowledge of the “true Drometum” and his real story as the son of the great revolutionist, Xaerith Rhoterate, and how he was a time traveler from a world in the same setting where he went through the immensely dark age that followed the fall of the old civilization and that he went back into the past, having left his wife, in order to prevent the fall from having ever occurred. Yet the nuance is that despite his efforts, the world ends in the exact same year of the original fall, but he is happy that no one will be there to experience it and no one will have to suffer the way he did. Vorkaz tries talking him into the idea that there is something better and that he can change it and make the world a better place. Drometum refuses to accept the thought. Vorkaz then convicts him of being the reason for causing a rebellion that would end in the necessity of killing everyone and that if hadn’t hidden his secret, the rebellion could have happened a different way that was more peaceful and gradual like the way Xaerith and his followers integrated a system that maintained order in the society where people could be happy until the day they choose to die. Finally, Vorkaz shouts and shouts at him, “All you have to do is trust!!! Trust that in mortal death, there IS something good and meaningful waiting there for you, that the Creator does have a true master plan and that an eternity of meaninglessness isn’t what awaits you. Trust wouldn’t be trust if you didn’t have to believe and only knew what was waiting for you. To trust is our purpose in life and that’s all you have to do to make a good end as real as ever, please, just please trust in Him!,” Drometum concludes by asking Vorkaz if he remembered the time that they talked about travel, and says that he himself did it sometime in the future and tried to change the past. He also tell him about how he left his wife in that world and said that he would come back for her one day yet couldn’t because of the duty and secrecy he had to maintain as a High Councilor. During the last minute, Vorkaz knows that not much can be done and accepts his fate, than finally asks Drometum if he could at least give him a sense of what it was like in the world that he left. Last 10 to 5 seconds, he simply states, “Well, you will never know…” ending with the detonation of an ENDOS 14 device. Meanwhile, Vorkaz’ wife, Corlaz, was with some of the revolutionist who were intending of escaping the blasts in order to preserve the future races. The only survivors on the Redwall planet were the revolutionist who truly believed and trusted in the gift of eternal lift that awaited them in eternal death. Now there was no way out, as the last of “The Cures” had been used up. Also, all devices enforcing immortality on the Lower and Middle Order being had been disabled, from then on, aging would occurring, continuing from the current state of entropy that the individual is in. Both Vorkaz and Drometum who worked so hard to enforce something that they truly believe in, die. And Vorkaz who trusted so greatly in the gift that would follow mortal death ends up never being able to receive it as his soul had been wiped out of existence by the cure. Corlaz has a child who grows up and ventures with his friends to the “Citadel” to the place where his father and Drometum would be found limp, gradually decomposing, in knowledge of the fact that he would never be able to meet him in heaven when he dies. In the archives, he successfully gains access to an old mysterious book that Drometum had kept secret for 5000 years and learns about Drometum’s original plight and the heartbreaking tale of the darkness that should have occurred if he hadn’t gone back to the past to change it. The series ends with Vorkaz’ son finding one of the “Orbs of Eternity”, which were indestructible psionic devices designed to record every single event and memory of every individual within the five galaxies involved in the Union starting from the network’s initiation in 20,000, as a record and memoire for those who come upon it, either within or from far far away, so that they could know who they were and what they did.


So basically, this is the story that I hope to share with the community, either in the long process of writing books, or by presenting to them my canon and outline so that people can work together to develop. The question is, does this belong here and where should I go if I intend on starting a new liturgical enterprise. Should I continue my work, or should I go on and just form my own community elsewhere. Perhaps this enterprise is sufficient to catch the interest of the general audience without them needing to have knowledge of the original series which they may come to learn of later in their exploration of the series. I just feel that the series needs to be continued through some means or such. I’ve lived through childhood hoping that big ideas would make it to the world and such. Thus I’ve worked hard trying to make a basis for this story that has occupied my mind for a while and is constantly growing. And I’m not a professional writer, so I don’t have the resources to do certain things on my own. What should I do?

In the case of the map, I might post it on another domain and provide a link to it.

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