In preparation for a nearly finished section of a book I am writing and wish to publish in the future (when I am older...). The book is one of the books I mentioned in my last fan fiction introducing different ideas of mine and applying them into a new story. After creating an archive of information and processing the idea, I have finally come up with this story.

It starts with a description of my fictional author and his life explaining some details of the story going to some rather strange proportions of physical creation. The story also relates to another concept in my head basing on a massive universe in which before it was created, so called 'Superior Races' were in existence separating and combining into the different species. Our author here creates himself a being, one with the likeness of his own species, but bearing wings in some sort of angelic feel. His ideas eventually come together and created a story in his mind. His virtual world is populated by Sabre species which are ermine-sable-ferret combines of a certain being a representative of a specific category within the Superior Races. These wing bearing being start a line of rulers and cast ones who are constantly in war against each other. In this story, our main character, Cebreus, is the son of Ionidus who rules the First Tier of the Terraces, which is right next to the Dark Waste Lands of 'Lu ElosValen Taerus dan Drokos' (The land of Everlasting Darkness in their own language). The high terraces are massive fixated floating cloud cities that lie above the dark wastelands below. The Dark Waste Lands have been populated by the many beings that have been cast down as punishment for their crimes. Dionius, Cebreus' brother gets jealous of Cebreus' privileges given by birthright and strikes at his brother disobeying the brotherly law of second heir rights thus being brought down to be cast by his own father. Ionidus could not accept such acts and was even willing to cast him down to the depths of Aeyios, but with his mercy, he only cast him down one Tier. Dispite Cebreus cries for mercy to his brother, Dionius was cast down to the Wastelands but yet to rise up against his father...

Comment on what you believe will occur in this story.

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