Sister Armel

  • I live in Redwall Infirmary
  • I was born on September 19
  • My occupation is Infirmary Keeper
  • I am Female
  • Sister Armel

    This is the preview to my new fan fiction Lies Are Valued by the Fools Alone I will be posting in the future. This is only a preview and does not mean that the actual fan fiction will be coming out any time soon. ;P

    Comments and critique's are much appreciated!

    The rain came down steadily - not quite a downpour, but not a mild rainstorm either. Lightening swept almost lazily across the bellies of the clouds and was soon followed by it's invisible companion which sounded off it's call from a distance. The rain continued to beat out a sad song after the thunder had subsided; clipping and clopping through the foliage of the overhanging trees and ending their long dreary fall into a puddle somewhere along the line...

    There was naught to be seen nor…

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  • Sister Armel

    Revenge of a Warrior

    January 20, 2010 by Sister Armel

    Note: You can find out more about the characters in this Fan Fiction on my User Page

    It was late at night, pitch black, and raining in a thick forest south of Mossflower country, two beasts ran quickly through the forest. It was a chilly night, made colder by the steady rain and light breeze, both beasts wore cloaks their hoods up over their heads. there were shouts behind them, and they grew louder as the two travelers stopped and laid a small bundle under some wet leaves and foliage, the one that laid the bundle down took off it's hood and kneeled beside it. The creature was a young squirrelmaid, she leaned over and kissed the bundle then stayed kneeling beside it until the other beast pulled her up by the arm and whispered in a deep voic…

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