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March 20, 2010
  • Skalarana

    Here are the first three chapters. I will try to get three per week posted if possible

    The Story of a Sister and a Brother

    A big male ferret glared at his mate, Fern.

    “How could you kill babies?”, she sobbed.

    “That’s it! I can’t take this anymore!” Killer yelled . “I’m taking one of the young ones, and


    Killer stalked into their babies’ room.

    “Daddy why you ‘n mommy fight?” asked a little ferret, no bigger than an infant. “It scares me!”

    “You and I are leaving… forever!” Killer snarled.

    “Mommy and brother come too?”

    “No, you and me… I already told you, little brat!”

    “Me go say bye?” sobbed the baby. 

    Without a reply, the little animal ran across the floor where her brother sat playing with a fake


    “Brother, I leave and not come back”.…

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  • Skalarana


    March 21, 2010 by Skalarana


    A young male rat sat on a tree stump, His tearstained face in his paws.

    I hate my life, The young vermin thought to his self.

    There was a crack of a twig, under a little paw. The animal’s head shot

    up. He whipped a paw over his eyes, trying to wiping away any trace of tears. A

    tiny rat maiden

    trotted in to view. Everything about her was dainty. To her little blue dress trimmed with purple. Her

    tiny feet and tail. She stared at him for a minute then said,

    “why are you crying?”

    “I’m not crying” He lied.

    “Oh but you are,” She retorted,

    “There are tear stains on your face,”

    “Okay, okay, I was crying, why do you care!?” He yelled, She took no notice of

    his rudeness, and sat down beside him,

    “What’s your name?”

    “Gourge, what’s yours,” Gourge asked. …

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