• Skalrag

    Flango, Dinzo, Mogga and there unfortunate slave, arrived at Bankmarsh. The gates were barely hanging from there hinges. Dinzo and Mogga were shivering in fear. The High Guard Krang's limp carcass was hanging from the top of the wall with a spear impaled through his stomach. And on one of the gate doors Leer's body was pinned to it by dozens of arrows. Flango merely gave a grunt and approached the gate with his cohorts in tow. Flango knocked on one of the gate doors and it creaked open ominously. He looked back at the other three and they were crestfallen. Flango proceeded through with his blade at the ready along with Dinzo. Mogga had Oreclaw right in front of him to use as a shield.

     Bodies littered the inside of the castle. They heard vo…

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  • Skalrag

    Oreclaw and Fatch were carrying a large stone block inbetween them. Fatch was trying not to listen, but Oreclaw was persistent on discovering a way to escape. "C'mon, mate, just think of the life you're missing out there!" "I'd rather think of the life I'm still living in here!"

    "This ain't no life, mate. You're going to die working in this hell! So why not at least try and escape. Death is inevitable if you stay in here, but only a possiblity if you try and escape."

    The weasle thought on the words for a second. "Hm, you make a suprisingly good point, Oreclaw, but how would we even get out of here, eh? Like I said earlier, even if we do overcome Sliph, Leer and the other two will surly take us out."

    "That vole right there is our answer!" Orec…

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  • Skalrag

    The stoat in Deadskull's crew known as Hangear was panicking. He was the fastest runner out of the crew and was very far ahead of everybody. Deadskull was trusting him not to lose sight of the squirrel. Unfortunately for him, he did. "Oh no, da cap'n's gonna kill me if I don't find his trail!" Right as his sentence had ended, a rat called Seaclaw crashed into him.

    "Aye, Hangear. Which way did that stupid squirrel go?"

    "Er, well, I havn't a clue..."

    "Wot? You lost him? You idjit! Garrr, how are we going to tell the cap'n about this?"

    "About wot?" Captain Deadskull had shown up with the rest. "Why have you to stopped running, eh?"

    "Well...we sort of lost him, Cap'n..."

    "Wot do you mean we? Cap'n, Hangear's the one who lost him. Not me."

    Deadskull s…

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  • Skalrag

    Deadskull's Crew

    March 10, 2009 by Skalrag

    Chapter 1

     The sea raged with fury unlike any force known. The rain hammered down massive drops into the sea. The waves battered and beat the crew of the Redwake mercelessly. The corsairs of the mighty ship were thrown around like ragdolls. The lightning lit up the ship showing many miserable faces. Captain Flango sat in his cabin holding onto a rope on the wall along with the the first mate Dinzo.  "Wow, Cap'n, we've never had weather this bad--yowch!" the rat hit his head hard on the the ceiling as they hit a massive wave.  Flango jingled as his many pieces of jewelery clattered together with each bump. His braids spun wildly on his chin. The intimidating weasel gave the rat a grim look. "Are ya goin' soft on me, matey? A little bad weath…

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