• Skeet Streampaw

    An Extract From The Ottermaid Skeet Streamdog's Journal My dad mad me promise to start a journal while he's away, so here we go. Bear with me.

    My name is skeet Streamdog. I am a direct descendant of Banya Streamdog, close friend and counselor to the high Rhulain, Tiria Wildlough. Actually my great great grandotter was Banya's great granddaughter. I am VERY proud of this heritage. You may be wondering why I am at Redwall if Banya is my great great great great great grandotter. Well, if you have gone to abbey school you will know that a few seasons after Tiria became Rhulain on Green Isle, some Redwallers and Salamandastron hares visited Green Isle. what is not so widely known is that about a half a score of otters and their families left wit…
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