An Extract From The Ottermaid Skeet Streamdog's Journal My dad mad me promise to start a journal while he's away, so here we go. Bear with me.

My name is skeet Streamdog. I am a direct descendant of Banya Streamdog, close friend and counselor to the high Rhulain, Tiria Wildlough. Actually my great great grandotter was Banya's great granddaughter. I am VERY proud of this heritage. You may be wondering why I am at Redwall if Banya is my great great great great great grandotter. Well, if you have gone to abbey school you will know that a few seasons after Tiria became Rhulain on Green Isle, some Redwallers and Salamandastron hares visited Green Isle. what is not so widely known is that about a half a score of otters and their families left with the visiters and settled down at Redwall. Among them were my ancestors. Now that you've got the general idea about me I can move on to mre current events.
Last evening a violent storm struck the abbey and ruined the orchards and gardens. Sister Nissa, the head gardener,recruited most of the abbey to help her straighten up, me included. I'm only getting to write now because she finally gave us a break for lunch by the pond! My paws are sore from the branches I've been clearing away and now I've got ink all over them too! Just wonderful! I need to go wash them in the...

Skeet took off as Skit thrashed in the water yelling up a din so loud tha tAbbot Scabicous and the other elders came running.

"What in the name of seasons is going on over here?"
Skeet emerged from the pond with a drippin Skit.
"Hello Father Abbot. Skit here decided to go for swim, that's all."
"Skit alla wetted up Fafver h'Abbot," the little mousebabe proclaimed as he wrigled out of Skeet's grasp.
"Yes, I see that Skit. Sister Fern, will you take this little rascle up to the infirmary so Brother Perry can clean him up?"
"Yes, of course, Father," Fern replied as she hauled off Skit who was, once again, yelling loud enough to be heard above the abbey bells.

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